Sylar and Elle had a bad case of coitus interruptus, huh? Well, if you’re gonna be shooting up HRG’s little girl, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price. The cat-and-mouse game between HRG and Sylar and Elle was pretty cool, particularly when Sylar threw the money at the guy in the drugstore in the most pitiful attempt ever at buying time, but, wow, I totally did not expect HRG to slit his throat like that.

Claire, meanwhile, was having trouble dealing with her gunshot wound because her body is reacting to infection as if she’s never been sick before…which, given that her healing abilities would’ve kept her in top-notch condition, makes sense. But, wow, I didn’t quite expect her condition to go into as much of a tailspin as it did, nor did I expect them to actually kill her. Granted, it’s not like you didn’t know that both she and Sylar were gonna come back when the eclipse ended, but even so, I was impressed with the way they took both storylines to the edge like that.

I wouldn’t have thought that Peter and Brother Voodoo would make a good team, but I liked Peter’s comment about wanting to prove to his father that he could be a hero even without his powers. Hey, that’s what Papa gets for shrugging off his son just because he wanted to be a nurse! You know, I was actually more intrigued by this storyline than anyone else’s, possibly because it seemed so unlike anything else that’s gone on before, what with the Haitian general and everything; with Pete turning into a gun-toting Rambo and Brother Voodoo cracking heads and then going all apeshit on his brother, I was not disappointed. Nathan’s change in attitude was an unexpected one, but it’s a fascinating one which has a lot of potential.

Mohinder’s stuck in the lab, trying to figure out the connection between the eclipse and the loss of the abilities of the heroes and villains. The good news is that he’s under the watchful eye of Flint, who’s about as much of a dumb lackey as you could hope for, and although he might still be a tough guy even without his powers, he proves to be no match for Mohinder. Well, actually, it looked pretty close there for a second; at first punch, I wasn’t entirely sure that Mohinder’s attack plan was going to succeed. But, hey, he pulled it out, and that’s what counts. Surely I’m not the only one who cringed, however, when he picked up that post-it with Maya’s name and address on it. Thank goodness for the small blessing that his “curse” came back before she had a chance to drag the episode down. I also appreciated the fact that Mohinder’s fly-ish tendencies are downplayed when he’s in the lab.

Daphne has cerebral palsy? Well, that kicks it up a notch beyond John Locke just being handicapped by virtue of an accident. I don’t blame her for being convinced that Papa Petrelli is behind their loss of powers, but her insistence on considering herself a villain is one that you knew immediately was going to be a short-term belief.

The sequences with Hiro and Ando in the comic shop were a little hit and miss at times, but Breckin Meyer’s fascination with the way the plot of the comic mirrored real life was funny, and when Seth Green gave his uplifting speech to inspire Hiro to come out of the bathroom, my inner fanboy cheered. (Best day ever, indeed.) But my outer fanboy cheered when they figured out how to set Hiro on the path to get his memory back. I’m tired of 10-year-old Hiro. That novelty pretty much wore off after the bowling alley scenes…but I did laugh out loud when he popped into HRG’s living room, said, “Bad man,” and vanished, taking Sylar with him.

So is HRG serious about Sylar not being a Petrelli by blood? Hard to say. You can certainly see the family resemblance in the powers of Sylar and Papa, but lord knows Papa is a manipulator. The final discussion between Elle and Sylar was a creepy one, and given the dark turns throughout the episode, I knew damned well that Elle’s time was at an end. As for the final scene with Hiro and Claire, fucking TiVo tried to get me again, but I had the foresight to record “My Own Worst Enemy” tonight as well, thereby saving me from wanting to kick in the TV. I guess this little adventure will teach Claire why her dad is the way he is, but I still don’t really understand why this trip to the past will help Hiro regain his memories.

Best episode of the season to date? Very possibly. At the very least, it’s certainly good enough for me to say that those of you who evacuated the show a few episodes back should consider returning.