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“Bohemian Rhapsody” hits theaters this weekend

The long-awaited Queen biopic arrives this weekend. The reviews are a bit mixed, but even the less complimentary reviews acknowledge it’s a fun ride celebrating the music and career of this great rock band. Also, most praise the performance of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury. With Queen’s amazing music on full display, it’s hard to imagine this one won’t be fun, even if it isn’t the most nuanced story one could tell about this band.

Studying Music Composition

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Many people have a desire to be a professional musician. However, there is no clear method to achieve this goal. The following steps will give you a sensible and realistic approach to making a living in this demanding field.

Research the Career Duties of a Professional Musician

Depending on your level of talent and the versatility you display, you may be suited for more than one area of musicianship. You may decide to play string instruments like the violin or guitar, brass instruments such as the trombone or trumpet, or many others. If you choose to become a composer, you can write music for movies, radio and television. There are now advanced music composition programs available for most computers.

If you decide on a career as a singer, you could perform soprano, baritone, tenor, bass, or contralto. Be prepared to audition on a regular basis. Performers encounter rejection in this profession, so one must possess a thick skin and a desire to never give up in order to succeed.

Learn to Play an Instrument

As with learning a foreign language, it is easier to learn to play an instrument at an early age. It would be advisable to join the school band and practice with friends in your spare time. Receiving instruction from a professional music tutor would be desirable, because a tutor can give personal instruction that you cannot receive in a school music class. Private piano teachers are very common and can be easily found in the newspaper or online. Practice performing in front of people. This will help you to develop a stage presence and eliminate any stage fright you may have.

Study at a Conservatory

Music conservatories offer training for young people who desire to be musicians and other types of performing artists. A conservatory can give you the chance to hone your skills and master the subtle nuances of your craft. An audition is normally required to be accepted into a conservatory.

Market Your Talents

Once you feel that you are experienced enough to begin your career as a professional musician, it is important to get your name out to the masses. You can start by performing in clubs that have an open mic night. Hiring an agent or manager can help to facilitate contact with people in the music industry. These people can be valuable in furthering your career. Produce a CD of your music and use online music forums to distribute your music to get the word out. You may choose to offer your musical services at weddings, parties, and school dances. Such exposure could cause people to hire you based on word of mouth. A recommendation from a friend or relative is the best form of advertising.

Music is a difficult way to make a living. The competition is fierce and the pay is often not very good. However, if you have enough talent and determination, you may be able to thrive where so many others have failed.

American Idol: Welcome to Randy Jacksonville

So last night in part five of eight of FOX’s “American Idol” audition rounds, the scene shifted to Jacksonville, Florida. And the producers of the show decided to have a little fun and give judge Randy Jackson some love due to the name of the city (that’s really a stretch, isn’t it?). They showed Jackson in his days performing with the rock band Journey, and basically paid tribute to him a bit. That’s okay, but still a stretch. Anyway, this city did not seem to have the talent level of other audition rounds, and it was obvious right from the start of the show last night. Here are the highlights and lowlights:


Dana Moreno was shouting a Chaka Khan song, and I do mean shouting. Next! 16 year old Kaneswa had been told her entire life by her mom what a great vocalist she was, but that is always the recipe for failure, isn’t it? Kaneswa sang Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture,” complete with some of Anita’s vocal acrobatics. However, for Kaneswa, they were not acrobatics, but more like nasal inflections….Darren Darnell was the life of the party among contestants waiting to audition, so much so that I was thinking he could be the next Ryan Seacrest. But then when his buddy didn’t get a golden ticket, a switch went off and this guy looked depressed and started crying, right up through his own audition, which bombed anyway….A girl named Naomi sang Minnie Ripperton’s “Lovin’ You” and while she may have hit the high falsetto note at the end, it was the only note that was on key. Naomi brought along her friend who was semi-obsessed with Randy Jackson, and the friend got to sit on Randy’s lap. Anyway, Naomi was awful….George Ramirez, an 18 year old who sort of looked like a young Abe Lincoln, was a physics student who just happened to want to give singing a try, but it was more like a low rumble of off-key mess Continue reading »

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