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Movie news for a no longer new week

A few items of note…

* Back in 1939, Hollywood’s best-paid screenwriter, Preston Sturges, sold his screwball political satire, “The Great McGinty,” to Paramount for the grand sum of $10.00 on condition that he also be allowed to direct the movie. (I think he might have gotten a buck for the actual directing gig.)┬áTo this day, writers often take a pay cut for the privilege of becoming what Sturges used to call “a prince of the blood.”

Today, Mike Fleming reports that writer Dan Fogelman may be about to be paid in the neighborhood of $3 million to direct his first feature. “Imagine” is set to star Steve Carrell and will pair him with an older actor –presumably an aging superstar — who will be playing his extremely absentee rock musician dad who discovers a letter from John Lennon and decides to actually meet his now-middle-aged son for the first time.


* My colleague Will Harris forwarded me a press release with some exciting news for serious movie fans and fans of serious movies. Screenwriter and director Paul Schrader, still best known as the writer of “Taxi Driver,” but also a fascinating director in his own right with credits ranging from “American Gigolo” and “Cat People,” to “Mishima” and “Auto Focus” is poised to come back with “The Jesuit.” The deal for closed at the ongoing American Film Market, still underway in Santa Monica, and is set to star Willem Dafoe, Michelle Rodriguez, and Paz Vega. It’s a revenge film and, between that title and the Calvinist-raised Schrader’s well known inclinations from past films, you can hope for more than just a bit of spirituality meshing with the blood, guts, and sexuality. The Playlist has more.

* The Playlist also passes along the news that Christopher Doyle, an Australian-born cinematographer who made his name doing absolutely stunning work in Hong Kong for Wong Kai-Wai and others, is going to be making his first film in 3D. That should be interesting.

* From “True Blood” werewolf to Superman? Is it a Great Dane? Is it a lycanthrope? No, it’s Joe Manganiello.

* Hot on the heels of producing “Paranormal Activity 2” and wrapping “Area 51” the very shrewd Oren Peli is going back to the roots of American horror with a film loosely based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe.

* Screenwriter John August responds to a less than intelligent quote attributed to Jessica Alba.

* No, Ahmet Zappa and Michael Wilson aren’t writing “Tiki Room: The Movie” but an Polynesian tale that was inspired by the Tiki Room. I don’t care, as long as the birds sing words and the flowers croon.

Producers of “Fast and Furious” do open audition for models. This should be interesting.

From the Careful What You Wish For Department, the producers of “Fast and Furious” are launching a modeling contest. Send them your sexiest photo, and the winner will receive their choice of a professional modeling session or $5,000. Sounds awesome, right? A bunch of hardbodies will surely put their talents on display in the hopes of getting their big break, right?

Well, yes, but remember the age in which we live; the one where everyone thinks they’re entitled to be famous, and no one has friends who love them enough to stop them from doing something potentially humiliating that will live on the Internet forever and ever. We browsed through a gaggle of the contestants in the “Fast and Furious” contest, and sure enough, there are both smoking hot candidates and girls who have a wildly exaggerated sense of self. This does not mean that we’re saying the women in this latter category are ugly. (Well, some of them are.) In fact, most of the girls who have submitted photos are very attractive, but that alone does not make them model material. Odds are, the woman who wins this contest is already a professional model. That’s how competitive this business is.

Still interested in submitting a picture? Excellent, but before you do, you would be wise to learn from the examples of the other women who have already entered, and will certainly lose. In an attempt at performing some kind of public service, we would like to offer a few tips to consider before shooting the picture that will change your life.*

– Wearing less isn’t necessarily sexier than wearing more. It’s all in how you frame the package.
– Pulling down your bikini top and covering your nipples with masking tape isn’t sexy. It’s creepy.
– Cover up the tattoos, or risk alienating three out of every four people on the planet.
– Choose your background and pose carefully. Megan Fox may have looked hot bent over the car engine in “Transformers,” but she’s Megan Fox, and you’re not.
– You can have the hottest body in the world, but it won’t matter if you aren’t pretty.
– Being hot is not the same as being pretty.
– If we can’t see your face, we’re going to assume you’re hiding something.
– Don’t pose on a stripper pole, or in a position that suggests Ron Jeremy is about to enter the room from stage left. This is a modeling contest, not a porno audition.
– Fishnets are for catching fish.
– Animal prints look better on animals.
– Don’t even think about chains.
– Hats? Really? Look at that girl up there. She is smoking hot. But what part of the picture are your eyes drawn to? Yep, the hat.
– Take off the sunglasses. If your eyes are red from being hung over or stoned, today is not the day to take the picture.
– No one likes stringy hair.
– For God’s sake, smile.

Still think you’ve got what it takes? Then go here and show off your stuff. Good luck, and may you post a picture that will make your children proud. Because they’ll see it one day, you know that, right?

*- It probably won’t change your life. At least not in a good way.

Taking the cell over the service

It’s about time somebody finally did this. “Lost” star Michelle Rodriguez pleaded guilty to DUI and chose to pay 500 bucks and spend five days in jail rather than waste time doing 240 hours of community service. Atta girl, Michelle. She’s already on a three year probation for committing three traffic violations in 2004. What’s next? Plowing her car into a service station while smoking and drinking at the same time? This drama’s more exciting than “Lost” itself.

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