The competition actually feels like its winding down. Two celebrities will make their exit tonight and I appreciate the efficiency. With his usual partner Lacey Schwimmer out with the flu, Mark Dacascos and Anna Trebunskaya couldn’t deliver last night. Sadly, Mark’s stint is probably done on this show. After the first elimination, the couples with the next lowest scores will compete in a dance-off to determine who stays.

Michael vs. Kelly? I think “yes.”

I’m not really into the group dances. I’d rather just listen to the great music and have the pros flail around for two or three minutes. This group tango from last night was well done, but it’s still fresh in our minds. At least put them in a ring of fire, or something.

Who is Colbie Caillat? I’m sure her band needs those three guitars. All that simple ornamentation just screams “bad.” I think musicians like Caillat and Taylor Swift should ditch the bands. A single acoustic guitar can go a long way.

The only thing more useless than Colbie Callait’s backing band just took the stage. It’s “Dancing with the Star’s” own Mark Ballas and Derek Hough, performing as the singing duo Ballas Hough.

So this is what sewage sounds like. I thought this type of crap died with the Backstreet Boys in the horrific Boy Band Genocide of 2002. I was wrong. This song should play at Osama bin Laden’s funeral.

Rod Stewart, as I live and breathe. Although he’s one of the older rockers that should have hung it up a long time ago, he’s obviously done some great work in his time. Take a listen to The Jeff Beck Group’s “Beck-Ola” if you want to hear Stewart in all his raspy glory.

Ha! Michael Irvin was just eliminated and he cited his hard work on the show as inspiration to help those struggling in this economy. I love it.

Now Aaron Carter will face Mark Dacascos in a dance-off to determine tonight’s final elimination. Carter is going to flip out if he loses, causing many seconds of uncomfortable air time.


Mark Dacascos with Lacey Schwimmer (cha cha)

Nope. Again, Mark didn’t do enough dancing. I don’t know what the actual steps are to this dance, but it just seemed like he did cartwheels the entire time.

Of course, the judges thought it was great.

Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff (jive)

Honestly, Aaron Carter doesn’t deserve to be in this position. Kelly Osbourne hasn’t impressed the judges in weeks, yet America keeps giving her votes. I don’t get it.

Nevertheless, he just topped his performance from last night.

The judges are going with Carter.