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A Chat with Antonio Elias

Can you imagine being an actor who’s worked in TV for the past few years and, when you finally score your first movie gig, it’s “Star Trek”? Nice work if you can get it, as the song says, and Antonio Elias – who plays one of the officers of the Kelvin in the opening sequence of the film – will be the first to tell you that the work was very nice, indeed. We chatted with Elias about how he got into the acting game, got the story on how close he came to picking up a series-regular gig with Dylan McDermott a few years ago, found out a bit more about how “Star Trek” originally would have opened, and learned about his next film, “Spoken Word.”

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Goal II: Living the Dream

When “Goal” was released back in 2006, I was tentatively excited about the prospect of two more films centered on the exploits of Santiago Muñez (Kuno Becker). American soccer enthusiasts rarely get the kind of fan service that an entire trilogy of movies offers, but after finally seeing the oft-delayed follow-up, “Goal II: Living the Dream,” my expectations have warmed significantly. The story picks up where the last one left off, with Santiago enjoying great success at Newcastle United. When he’s traded to Spanish side Real Madrid, however, his relationships with Roz (Anna Friel) and Glen (Stephen Dillane) begin to crumble as his new superstar status goes to his head. As always, the on-the-field action is a blast to watch, but while Real Madrid’s cooperation helps bring a sense of reality to the movie (David Beckham gets so much screen time you’d think he had a supporting role), the different storylines feel like something you’d find in a telenovela. There’s one subplot involving Santiago’s mother (Elizabeth Peña) and her new family that’s particularly stupid, while some of the actors that made the first movie a joy to watch (like Dillane and Alessandro Nivola) are given even less to do the second time around. “Goal II” is still worth seeing, but you’ll probably feel guiltier and get less pleasure from watching it.

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