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Alien nation movie moment #2

A reminder that the alien apartheid dealt with in “District 9” isn’t exactly new. Here is a scene from John Sayles’ nifty bit of Reagan-era social commentary, 1984’s “The Brother from Another Planet.” Joe Morton is the baffled alien, who as luck would have it happens to resemble a fairly typical African-American, encountering a young and then entirely unknown Fisher Stevens, apparently practicing his close-up magic act.

A Chat with “Harper’s Island” Victim #8

See, I told you this week’s victim interview would be posted in a timely fashion.

If you’ve been watching “Harper’s Island” all along, then this was probably the least surprising death of the series to date. It’s not that you necessarily saw it coming this week, per se; it’s simply that, due to an event in an earlier episode, you sensed that the character had been living on borrowed time, anyway. And while I don’t want to say that I’d actually been rooting for that time to run out, I have to admit that this was an interview I’d been looking forward to, due to the other credits found within this person’s IMDb listing…one of which will be returning to the airwaves next month.

Oh, but I’ve said too much. Let’s move onward before I give away anything else…

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