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Hidden Netflix Gems – I’m Still Here

Joaquin Phoenix‘s much-publicized retirement from acting in order to pursue his burgeoning career as a rapper had cries of “Hoax!” surrounding it from the very beginning, and its subsequent critical and audience response was mostly negative. However, despite the apparent trend of people upset at being duped, Casey Affleck’s I’m Still Here is a fascinating and frequently hilarious send-up of celebrity culture anchored by an amazingly committed performance from Phoenix. In the film, as in reality, this is the kind of thing that could potentially end a career and forever ruin a reputation, and the courage he displays in sticking to it is very impressive.

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Don’t quit your day job

Joaquin Phoenix has decided to quit acting in order to start a career in music. Big mistake.

“This is me saying this is who I am. This is my story,” the actor-turned-aspiring rapper told PEOPLE before taking the stage at Las Vegas club LAVO.

The video speaks for itself. It’s an amateur video so the sound quality sucks. One can’t expect Phoenix to sound good. But he looks like a drunk college kid who went onstage on a dare. It’s almost as bad as Dee Dee Ramone’s ill-advised stab at rap stardom.

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