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The Biggest Loser: Maturity rules

Last night was the painfully long 3-hour finale of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” and all I can say about that is that I’m incredibly thankful for TiVo. This show was when they bring everyone back from the whole season one by one to weigh them in, which takes about 15 minutes total, leaving 165 minutes of fluff and commercials. As they recapped the whole season, Mrs. Mike and I fast forwarded since we’ve not only seen every episode, but they tend to recap the entire season almost weekly.

Then they brought out Ron and Mike to see who America voted into the final 3…..both looked awesome but Mikey clearly lost more than Ron, at least to the naked eye. We’re all sick of their gameplay, but you have to hand it to them on doing a great job. And, drum roll please….America voted Mikey in! Many of us were pulling for Ron because we didn’t want to give him what he wanted, but I think in the end everyone saw a Mike-Helen-Tara final as more compelling.

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The Biggest Loser: Best case scenario?

So last night’s “Biggest Loser” on NBC gave us a best-case scenario if you’re tired of the gameplay and manipulation, but it is leaving many of us with the feeling of not really caring who wins. And there were some crazy things that went on and some very cool moments, so let’s get to the recap…..

The final four went home for 30 days and then would return to the ranch to weigh in one final time, with America voting someone off, or rather, voting someone in to the live finale next Tuesday. Ron and Mike went home to Detroit, Tara to Long Island and Helen to Lansing (does anyone else notice how many contestants are from Michigan and Wisconsin every season?).

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The Biggest Loser: yes, it’s a game

Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” it was confirmed that part of seasons’ past gameplay has been caused by trainer Bob Harper. As they were all shown last week voting Blaine off the ranch, there was some footage of Harper telling his team to vote Dane off, because he was a bigger threat, even though Blaine pleaded with everyone to send him home so he could be with his new baby and family. While everyone told Harper that they felt for Blaine and felt like they did the right thing, Harper was annoyed and told his team not to ask him for advice anymore on voting. Um, I don’t recall them asking for his advice. Further, this is the eqivalent of firing someone and muttering, “Sorry, it’s just business.”

Meanwhile, host Alison Sweeney greeted the contestants with a pop challenge again, this time telling them to scale a giant hill next to the ranch to retrieve a key each time they reached the top of the hill. The key would be tried on a lock on the gym door, and only two keys would work out of 130. Whoever had those keys that worked would have access to the gym that week, while everyone else would have to work out outside or somewhere else. Yikes. Tara and Sione were racing up and down the hill like crazy to increase their odds, but Tara started puking after about 7 or 8 tries up and down the hill were futile. Shannon of the pink team and Mike of the brown team made it, and that was good for Mike and his dad Ron, who has a bad knee and can barely make it up and down any hill. It was nice to see the contestants all helping Ron too, and it’s clear that these are all good people and not gameplayers, much to the chagrin of Harper.

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The Biggest Loser: Doing the right thing

So after last week’s elimination of the gray team, Carla and Joelle, there is no doubt that the remaining seven teams on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” really want to be here. Brown team Ron and Mike were thankful at the start of last night’s episode, because they had dodged two straight weeks of possible elimination. Ron has a bad knee but his son Mike, 18, is also having trouble shedding pounds.

Host Alison Sweeney starts out by visiting the ranch, and if she is visiting the contestants in the house, they know a curveball is being thrown. As you might expect, it’s a “pop” challenge, one that can win a contestant 24 hours with a loved one from home. What they had to do was stand on a block, on one foot. Mike and Ron were the first ones out, and I’m pretty sure Ron was out in 15 seconds. One by one they couldn’t hold on, and it was down to both yellow team members, Mandi and Aubrey, as well as Filipe and Blaine. Mandi, who wanted to see her husband so bad, asked Filipe and Blaine to step off, and they both did because, well, they’re good guys. So did Mandi’s sister Aubrey. Mandi’s trainer, Jillian Michaels, however, was not happy with the fact that Mandi would miss a day of workouts to hang with her husband (and kids, as it turned out). But Mandi vowed it wouldn’t be a distraction.

Bob Harper, the other trainer, told the brown team they needed to eat more calories in order to burn more, something they had been hard-wired not to do. Then Bob was shown doing yoga with his team, which he said is a better workout than most people might think….and that it helps build mental focus. Remember I just wrote that, okay? Jillian, meanwhile, was having trouble keeping green teamer Laura focused, until she threatened to have Tara slap her in the face every time she lost focus. Yikes, but it worked.

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