So last night’s “Biggest Loser” on NBC gave us a best-case scenario if you’re tired of the gameplay and manipulation, but it is leaving many of us with the feeling of not really caring who wins. And there were some crazy things that went on and some very cool moments, so let’s get to the recap…..

The final four went home for 30 days and then would return to the ranch to weigh in one final time, with America voting someone off, or rather, voting someone in to the live finale next Tuesday. Ron and Mike went home to Detroit, Tara to Long Island and Helen to Lansing (does anyone else notice how many contestants are from Michigan and Wisconsin every season?).

And here, I would like to give a shout out to our reader Chris, who pointed out that Ron looks like a turkey with his shirt off…..Mrs. Mike reminded me, and then every time Ron spoke we noticed he had a turkey neck thing going, and we snickered like a couple of 12 year olds.

Anyway, everyone was struggling with being home, and that shouldn’t really be a big surprise. That ranch is pure torture on these contestants, but they do indeed need their trainers and the structure of being on campus. But they were all welcomed by their families, and Helen’s daughter Shannon was there but you could clearly see how pissed she still is about Helen sending her home early in the competition. Argh. Then they didn’t show Shannon again, further proof that she is pissed and not faring well at home. They also showed Ron’s son Max, but there was a good story in this, which we’ll get to.

Then it came. Everyone received a Biggest Loser package on their doorstep, and it was a DVD of Alison Sweeney telling them they would all be running a marathon when they returned to Cali.
Yikes. First a half-marathon, and then this? These producers are psychotic….there is really no other way to say that. Mikey was pissed and really, all of them started freaking out, wondering if they could finish a 26 mile race. Bob and Jillian then surprised each of them with a visit to train and hang with them for a day or so……and both of them were pissed about the marathon too. Bob even told Ron he didn’t think he should do it, but Ron was determined to walk it.

Jillian had to calm down Mikey, Helen and Tara, who were all having issues with being home. But then when Bob showed up at Ron and Mikey’s house, he wound up paying more attention to younger brother Max….even training him and teaching him about nutrition. I was not looking forward to more footage on this kid, but it was really awesome to see Bob do that. I’d be really surprised if Max isn’t invited to the show next season. Oh, and producers….did we need to see Max puking so graphically? I mean, I could almost tell you what he ate before working out….ewww!

Then in training for the marathon, Mikey hurt his hip and was told by doctors that he could not run, but that he could walk the race. Mikey was pissed. Then it came time, and Alison told each of them that they would get $10,000 for charity if they finished. As they went along, members of their families were placed at the mile markers to run/walk with them and be encouraging, as well as former contestants like Ali, Michelle, Bernie and Heba. Tara, who kept saying she was having recurring nightmares about not finishing the race, finished first….of course she did. Then Helen finished, and later Mikey did, walking the whole thing. Bernie told Mikey he should be proud of accomplishing that, even if he had to walk it all. Then Ron, who was really struggling and dealing with a bad knee and high blood pressure, almost had to stop. But something inside Ron made him keep going, and as much as I can’t stand the Turkey Man, it was kind of cool to see him finish.

Then it was weigh-in time. Ron and Mike went first and each lost 10 pounds. That’s a pretty big accomplishment, even after all this time and after 30 days at home, but these are two hefty men, so who knows. Helen had to lose 6 or more pounds to make the finale, and she lost 7. Tara had to lose 7 or more, and she lost 10, putting her in the finals too. So then guess what? Mike and Ron fell below the yellow line together. This is exactly what many of us wanted, the chance to spoil the gameplay of the Godfather Turkey Man. Naturally, Ron pleaded with us to vote Mikey in, and not him. But like last season when Heba and Ed did the same thing and America was sick of Heba’s gameplay and voted Ed in, I see that happening this time with everyone voting in Ron. Either way, one of them will have a shot at the $250K. So do we vote Ron in for spite, or do we allow Mikey to have a shot against Tara and Helen? I can’t imagine Tara is not going to win it all at this point, and I’d much rather her win than Helen or the Turkey family. So let’s vote Ron in (1-866-613-0002…..or for Mikey, dial 1-866-613-0001) and let Tara squash him like a bug. Then, hopefully, Sione or Kristin or Filipe or Cathy or Nicole will win the $100K. Really, anyone but a turkey.

Are you with me? Let the discussion begin!