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Mr. Hanrahan edits #1: “The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time”

After running that oddly disturbing selection of Nicholas Cage moment of complete madness a day or so back, I thought the waning portion of this holiday weekend would be a good to run some other works by editor Harry Hanrahan. Oddly enough, this salute to movie insult contains lots and lots and lots and lots of NSFW language.

I should add I don’t necessarily agree with Hanrahan’s choices as truly “the greatest of all time,”  which seem to skew very much towards post-1970 American films, but hey, it’s not a bad selection and so nicely done. (Also, technically, the opening insults date back to the late 19th century via playwright Edmund Rostand.)

Two moods for a holiday eve

It’s almost 9:30 p.m on the West coast and, with one of the nation’s two biggest family-oriented holidays happening tomorrow, a lot of folks on both coasts and in between are probably nervous about food preparations, psychotic relatives, their own psychoses, etc. Some may even be, as the contemporary argot would have it, ready to “lose their shit.” On that note, via Anne Thompson and Pajiba, we have a salute to the modern master of complete loss of emotional control, Mr. Nicolas Cage, from editor Harry Hanrahan. (It goes without saying this is highly NSFW — Cage is the only man in the world whose allowed to lose his shit at the office.)

Feeling a bit unnerved by all that? Me too. So, here’s the human antidote(s) to Nicholas Cage. Michael Caine salutes Cary Grant. How much cooler, calmer, and collected does it get?

Ahh. I feel much better now.

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