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When Cthulu calls…

Best not to answer. I’ve probably seen only a small fraction of the H.P. Lovecraft adaptations out there — and many more of those than I ever was able to get through his stories whenever I came across them in the many science fiction and horrorish anthologies I devoured as a very young would-be literary geek. I always expected Lovecraft to be like Poe, who I loved. He wasn’t.

Anyhow, “Re-Animator” notwithstanding, this is clearly my favorite filmic adaptation so far — and beautifully animated and more or less 100% gore-free as it is, I’d didn’t even have to make myself half-drunk to comfortably watch it. Also, unlike the stories, this one moves at a very nice clip and let’s just say the rhetorical style is a bit less deliberately arcane though future generations might disagree on that score.

Part of me wants to dig up Lovecraft (his books, I mean) now and take a new whack at it in preparation for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming potential geek classic, “At the Mountains of Madness.”

H/t to Rob Bricken, a man of fine taste.

What am I going to miss next?

I missed yesterdays big geek news of the upcoming Guillermo del Toro doing his “one for me” project with a long delayed adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “From the Mountains of Madness” with a little help from James Cameron. Bummer, but we’ll survive that tragedy together.

And then Mike Fleming, and every fanboy on earth it appears, found that the Comic-Con trailer for “Thor” had magically appeared on line, Wikileaks style. Anyhow, just as I had prepared this post, the folks at Marvel who apparently have a control issue with their marketing plan much as the U.S. government would rather you didn’t know too much about civilian casualties or the like, pulled it. I mean like seconds ago — it was there and I was ready to go and then it was gone. If you didn’t see it elsewhere, it was all Shakespearian and stuff and had more than a touch of “King Lear” to it, which makes sense as it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh.

So, since I don’t have the Thor trailer, here’s not one but two trailers. The first, a bit of Branagh directing actual Shakespeare and the probably never to be rivaled best ever quasi-Lear in cinema history. Enjoy, as you taste my bitter fanboy tears.

You know, I love Shakespeare and all, but his stuff is so full of cliches. Well, you’ll see none of that from Kurosawa-san.

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