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Hard days at the office #4: But the pink actually tastes worse to me than the blue

Another Labor Day inspired clip.

It’s rare that a movie about something you’ve personally experienced actually gets something right, but then one thing a lot (but by no means all) filmmakers know well is the movie business. I never worked for directly anyone quite as powerful or as mean-spirited as Buddy Ackerman, but what I did experience was close enough. This (ironically NSFW) scene from George Huang’s “Swimming with Sharks” definitely brings up the old unpleasant goosebumps. Feel free to skip to 00:20.

Yeah, sure, Kevin Spacey is great at this sort of thing, but I tell you that no actor in the world does scared better than Frank “Check Out the Big Brain on Brad” Whaley.

A Chat with director Craig Singer (“Dark Ride,” “Perkins’ 14”)

You can’t look at the New Releases rack of your local video store these days without happening upon four or five dozen flicks (at least) that have bypassed theatrical release and gone straight to video. This is a particular annoyance for horror aficionados, who’ve seen their genre of choice end up as a sad collection of remakes, quick-turnaround franchises, or sometimes both. Thank goodness, then, for Lionsgate and their After Dark Horrorfest series, which provides brief theatrical releases and high-profile DVD releases for both up-and-coming and established filmmakers. Director Craig Singer found sufficient success with his first After Dark venture, “Dark Ride,” to find his way back into the fold for the latest round of Horrorfest films. But Singer’s “Perkins’ 13” is a bit more adventurous than the usual motion picture, as he explained to Premium Hollywood in a discussion which also tackled some of his other works, including “Animal Room,” with Neil Patrick Harris, and “A Good Night To Die,” with Michael Rapaport.

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