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Entourage 5.3 – The All Out Fall Out

A year ago, I might have had a few words to say about how tonight’s episode did very little to progress the main storyline, but the whole subplot involving Ari and Adam Davies was so damn entertaining that I’m willing to give the “Entourage” writers a break this time around. Sure, a filler episode isn’t exactly the best idea when you’re trying to win back your fanbase, but it was also so enjoyable that it was well worth the risk.

Though it certainly wasn’t the main focus of the night, the Ari/Davies prank war was some of the best comedic material of the show’s five-year run. You just knew that Ari would do something as stupid as get into an illegal street race with Davies on his first day driving his new Ferrari, but I definitely didn’t expect him to crash it into a school bus. Well, “crash” is probably the wrong word – it was more of a subtle bump. Nevertheless, Ari lost the friendly wager, and being the upright guy that he is, he tells Lloyd to send Davies the $100 in a brown paper bag… filled with human shit. When a pair of police officers breaks up his meeting with T.I. hours later, Ari thinks he’s being arrested for the juvenile prank, only to discover that they’re strippers sent by Davies as retaliation.

Entourage 5.3

Not one to quit when he’s down, Ari pulls up some nude photos of Davies’ girlfriend that she gave him when she worked at the agency, and sends them to him with the hope that he’ll be crushed by the idea that she always wanted to have sex with Ari. Instead, Davies is quick to inform Ari that they broke up six months ago, and when he announces that he’s just posted a nude photo of Mrs. Ari on the internet, Ari goes apeshit. Determined to beat an apology out of Davies if it comes to it, Ari heads to the old agency to confront him, even going so far as to bitch slap him to accentuate how much of a bitch move that was on his part. Davies refuses to apologize, but when Ari threatens to “knock [him] the fuck out” if he doesn’t, Davies cowardly admits defeat.

The rest of the episode wasn’t quite as memorable. Eric heard back from Amanda about the script, but despite her acknowledgement that she liked it (and that Edward Norton is interested in some capacity, probably as a producer), we’ll have to wait until next week to find out more. Drama, meanwhile, is recovering from his break-up with Jacqueline, and when Vince gets an offer for some easy cash to serenade a girl at her Sweet 16 party, Drama ruins the night by throwing up on the cake. Perhaps more upsetting, however, was the complete waste of both Kevin Pollack and Fran Drescher as the girl’s parents. Seriously, was that the best they could come up with? Hell, I could have played the girl’s father and it wouldn’t have made a difference. Be smart, guys, and stop wasting talent on roles like this before you have to settle for much worse.

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