Remember last week at the end of episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” when they said something about us not believing who they send home this week? Yeah, well that was truly hype from FOX and I know now not to ever believe them. At the start of last night’s episode, they showed Ben enduring the wrath of Gordon Ramsay and that if it weren’t for Robert leaving the show and Andrea having a free pass, Ben would have been next in line to go home.

Then they began with Ramsay bringing out three of his signature dishes, and they all loved his fish stew, which he then asked them all to re-create as best as possible. Ben was cheating a bit by finding a secret ingredient and then hiding it. And when Ramsay tested all four from Danny, Ben, Paula and Andrea, he said that all four were very good. But he eliminated Andrea immediately for missing a key ingredient, and then Ben…so it came down to Paula and Danny. He chose Danny because Danny used stock instead of water…I’m not sure how he knew that, but Ramsay has a Superman palate. So Danny finally won a challenge, and Ramsay took him for a ride in a private stunt plane. Very cool. The others, meanwhile, had to clean and prep the kitchen for dinner. Andrea was whining the whole time, which annoyed Ben and Paula to no end.

Then Ramsay sent them all to their dorms before dinner, and the big “surprise” was that he was giving them all a set of cookware for making the Final 4. As Mrs. Mike said, “BO-RING!” At the dinner service, Paula was slower than usual but Andrea literally lost two of her Beef Wellingtons, and Ben was his usual sloppy self. Then there was a very large dude who proposed to his girlfriend…and I do mean very large. Anyway, the dinner service started so well but then the wheels eventually came off, and Ramsay said he was disappointed. He asked the four to come up with a consensus nominee for elimination.

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