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Guy Fieri on DIY’s “Garage Mahal”

Guy Fieri has become arguably The Food Network’s biggest star over the last two seasons, and one of his shows, “Diner, Drive Ins and Dives,” features Fieri cruising around in his vintage Camaro as he samples cuisine from the best of America’s eateries.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that Fieri is a car buff, and on November 9, he gets to show everyone just how much as the DIY Network has chosen Fieri for their “Garage Mahal” show in which they transform a garage into a dude palace of worship.

Fieri helps host Brian Corsetti build what they are naming “the greatest garage of all-time,” with a vintage diner feel, rolling car and custom back bars, diamond plate wainscoting and chair rail, black and white murals, and a half-ton of classic auto parts including classic car hoods on actuators. Holy crap!

Not only does Fieri store his cars and grills here, but he also uses his garage as a gathering place for cookouts. Click on the icon above to see a sneak preview of the show, or click on this link here. The show will air Monday November 9 at 10:30 pm ET.

2008: The Year in TV – Mike Farley

I claim to not watch much TV, but when Mr. Harris asked me to contribute to this piece, it was as easy as anything I’ve ever written. I guess that since we had our first child in 2007, we have been busy in the evenings after he goes to sleep–sitting in front of the TV enjoying what some great shows have to offer, and sometimes not-so-great shows. Don’t go taking my cable away!


1. “Weeds,” Showtime

Weeds poster

My wife and I ordered Showtime just for the three months or so that “Weeds” was on this past summer. You’d think a complete change of scenery (after most of the city of Agrestic burned down, Nancy and her family headed South to just above Mexico) would deter the plots and sub-plots, but it only made the show more compelling. There is no better writing on TV than there is for this show, and you can pretty much say that the acting mirrors the writing. The cliffhanger in the finale was not like the wild ones of the last few seasons, but Nancy’s ultrasound photo was enough to leave us all wondering how Esteban could possibly kill her after she ratted out their whole underground operation. Season 5 can’t start soon enough.

2. “Two and a Half Men,” CBS
What “Weeds” is to drama/comedies on premium channels, “Two and a Half Men” is to network sitcoms. The writing is always witty, appropriate for the characters and downright knee-slapping. Seriously, there were a few moments this season that made me hyperventilate laughing so hard. And they continue to push the envelope, as they did when Charlie referred to Alan’s ex-wife giving him a, uh, present, under a table as a book, “Under the Table” by Richard Gobbler. And Jake’s flatulence jokes never get old, either.

3. “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives,” Food Network
The Food Network is milking Guy Fieri for everything he’s worth. The guy has like four or five shows now, and this one is his calling card. Dude has one of the best jobs on television. He cruises around in his classic red convertible, and gets to sample the best food at, well, diners, drive-ins, and dives. We all want to taste everything on every show…well, except for the fried cow testicles or pig ear sandwiches…blech. But seriously, this show is a few seasons in and shows no signs of slowing down….especially on my TiVo box.

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