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The new Girls Next Door from E! premieres tonight at 10:30 PM EST. Holly, Kendra and Bridget have left the show, and Hef is sporting three new girlfriends: The Shannon Twins, Karissa & Kristina, and Crystal Harris. They’re younger, blonder and . . . . . oh well, just as boring as before.

Many women love this show (over two-thirds of the audience is comprised of women), so we can expect that to continue even with the new gang. Tonight’s episode will introduce the new girls, and the three of them get together with Holly in Las Vegas. Naturally, the 19-year-old Shannon twins loved Vegas.

As for the guys, one has to wonder if this show has ruined the Playboy fantasy a bit. Sure, the girls are beautiful, and we see plenty of the new girls in the first episode, but listening to their banter week after week makes them less sexy, not more. So while the E! show has exposed the brand to a whole new audience, particularly a whole new generation of young women, it doesn’t seem to click with the audience Playboy magazine needs, which is young men.

Karissa & Kristina Shannon, Ida Ljungqvist, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris