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The Biggest Loser: Gameplay is back, baby!

And you thought this season of “The Biggest Loser” couldn’t compete in gameplay with last season’s Vicki and Heba antics? Last night it was made painfully clear that it’s all about the game once again, but the producers surely make it easy for that to happen.

Anyway, since Nicole was voted off by a slim margin last week, with Filipe, Sione and Helen all voting for Ron, there was hell to be paid by Ron, who Kristin said is competitive, manipulative, and that they call him “The Godfather.” Wow. But check this out….when they all went back to the dorms, Mike and Ron said they felt betrayed, and Ron said “Thanks to all of you who voted to keep me here, but for those who didn’t, may you be struck down and die.” Holy crap, did Ron just say that? Then he went on some rant to Filipe about Filipe lying to Ron’s face, and Filipe didn’t defend himself, but he was clearly upset that Ron called him a liar. Let’s face it, this is a game and now that game was on.
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The Biggest Loser: Blue Team Blues

If you watch NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families,” you know that Vicky is bitter and, as Ed said, will scratch someone’s eyeballs out in order to win. So when Amy went against her former blue team and voted Vicky’s husband Brady off last week, everyone in TV land rejoiced, except for Vicky and Heba and Ed, and Brady. Amy’s reasoning was that Brady was a big threat to her, because she was the biggest loser on campus so far and Brady was second. She also knew about the alliance between everyone in a blue shirt but her, and that when five went down to four, they would all vote Amy off. Makes sense to me.

But Vicky went on to call Amy a “backstabbing bitch” and posted a “REVENGE” sign on her dorm room door. Trainer Bob Harper was shocked about Amy’s choice, but he wanted to talk to her and see what her reasoning was. When Amy explained it, Bob understood and also told Amy she had a great shot at winning. But Bob also wanted his “blue” team (remember we’re in individual competition now, but blue still trains with Bob and black with Jillian Michaels) to get along. He also thought that the whole “revenge” thing with Vicky would bite her in the ass.

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The Biggest Loser: Here We Go Again

We all knew that the name “Biggest Loser: Couples” was a facade, and that was proven last night. Look producers, we don’t care that you break up said couples, but if you start changing the teams every week like you did last season, you’re going to lose more than a few viewers. Mrs. Mike summed it up best last night, saying “I hate this show.” Harsh, but you can’t keep confusing your audience or they will get annoyed and stop watching. Me, I have to watch it to deliver this blog, but I want some continuity.

Anyway, so last night’s episode began with the contestants road-tripping to the Grand Canyon.
Host Alison Sweeney met up with them halfway there at a convenient store in the middle of the desert to offer up the first challenge. Ali pulled up in a beautiful RV, and announced that the winner of this challenge would stay in the RV and everyone else would be camping. The challenge involved convenience store food, and guessing how many calories were in each item Ali put on the counter. There were three rounds, and Ed and Heba (orange team) won all three, with their teammates conceding them the victory after two of those rounds.

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