We all knew that the name “Biggest Loser: Couples” was a facade, and that was proven last night. Look producers, we don’t care that you break up said couples, but if you start changing the teams every week like you did last season, you’re going to lose more than a few viewers. Mrs. Mike summed it up best last night, saying “I hate this show.” Harsh, but you can’t keep confusing your audience or they will get annoyed and stop watching. Me, I have to watch it to deliver this blog, but I want some continuity.

Anyway, so last night’s episode began with the contestants road-tripping to the Grand Canyon.
Host Alison Sweeney met up with them halfway there at a convenient store in the middle of the desert to offer up the first challenge. Ali pulled up in a beautiful RV, and announced that the winner of this challenge would stay in the RV and everyone else would be camping. The challenge involved convenience store food, and guessing how many calories were in each item Ali put on the counter. There were three rounds, and Ed and Heba (orange team) won all three, with their teammates conceding them the victory after two of those rounds.

When the group arrived at the campgrounds, which were pretty desolate, they realized that their trainers were not there to guide them and that they had to work out on their own. Most of them just walked and did nothing else. The next day came the next challenge, a kayak game in which one team member had to row out from a dock, and the other teammate had to slowly let out a rope attached to the kayak. After a certain point, Ali announced that they had to start pulling each other in, and I do mean each other. As each kayak hit the dock, that team was eliminated. Once again, Ed and Heba won, and their prize was their own RV like the one they were staying in! Damn, what a prize.

At dinner that night, the contestants celebrated Coleen’s 24th birthday and everyone had nice things to say about her. They brought out a cake but didn’t say if anyone took a bite!

Upon arriving back at the ranch, the trainers had one day in which to work with their teams before the weigh-in. Both of them were pissed off about the lack of working out at the Grand Canyon, and worked everyone extra-hard this time. But Jerry (yellow team) was having leg problems that doctors feared could be serious. They took him to the hospital and found out he had a torn hamstring.

Then came the weigh-in. And instead of two teams that would be below the yellow line, Ali announced that only one team would be below the line this week…and the teams would not be voting off anyone. But this time, the team below the yellow line would have to decide which teammate would go home and which would stay. Ouch. So we knew they would be breaking up the teams, but didn’t know how soon.

Vicky and Brady (brown team) lost only 1.51% and looked like they might be the team below the yellow line, but then Coleen and Jerry went last and while Coleen lost 7 pounds, her dad gained 2, or a team total of 0.89%. This was sad, because Jerry really needs this regimen to lose the weight he needs to to become healthy and basically to stay alive. But he wants Coleen to stay, and they decide he will go home and continue the routine. I have a feeling Coleen is going to go a long way this season.

Afterward, they show Jerry at work in Cleveland, and he has lost 70 pounds in all, down from 380. Dr. Huizenga pays him a visit and says he’s so proud that Jerry not only has lost all that weight, but his vitals are much better and he has stopped taking four of the five medications he was on. How awesome, and what a reminder of how powerful this show is. But again, stop messing with the format every week!

I’m done whining, see you all next week and get on that treadmill!