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Still “Clueless” after all these years!

Yes, “Clueless” is twenty years old, and it’s still one of the best teen comedies ever made! There’s much to remember from this cool comedy, but Alicia Silverstone’s breakout performance tops the list, and Dan Hedaya was also excellent as Cher’s father.

Here’s one of our favorite lines from the movie when he explains to Cher’s date (who he didn’t realize was gay), “If anything happens to my daughter, I have a 45 and shovel; I doubt anyone will miss you!” Classic . . .

RIP Brittany Murphy (updated)

Reports are circulating that actress and singer Brittany Murphy, best known for roles in films like “Clueless,” “8 Mile,” and “Sin City,” died early this morning from cardiac arrest at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She was 32 years old.

Of course, the item is already fomenting speculation in the more gossipy realms of the Internet. Danny Groner of the Huffington Post points out that she was recently left the cast of “The Caller” under what definitely appears to be a real cloud and was the subject of an unfunny SNL parody.  The Chicago Tribune report I linked to above also mentions “reports” that she might have been fired by her agent. On the other hand, as Nikki Finke points out, she has several other films completed that are currently in post-production.

When someone that young dies of a heart attack, people are naturally going to wonder about possible drug issues, and I’m sure those who follow the gossip sites will be getting their fill of the details in coming days. Quite honestly, this is the kind of post I hate to write. It’s just terribly sad and there’s probably not that much more to be said about it. I hope more comes out of her to-be-released film work than fuel for schadenfreude mongers.


UPDATE: Nathaniel R. has some thoughts on Brittany Murphy that are worth your time.

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