I’m not usually one to post gossip – especially when it involves actors I like – but this is simply too good to pass up. It’s been a few months since Christian Bale’s last PR nightmare (a stop in London to promote “The Dark Knight” that ended with his arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister), but no matter how potentially damaging that may have been to his career, it doesn’t hold a candle to the actor’s latest escapade.

TMZ has just released an audio file of Bale going berserk on the set of Warner Brothers’ upcoming film, “Terminator Salvation.” Supposedly, Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut ruined a scene when he accidentally walked through the set during filming, setting Bale off on an expletive-laced tirade where he digs in to the guy for several minutes, even threatening to walk off the movie if Hurlbut isn’t fired. News of this altercation was reported several months ago (just days before the London incident, in fact), but real proof of the event hadn’t surfaced until now.

Personally, it’s upsetting to see a guy like Bale act this way (especially now that he’s finally getting the attention he deserves), but if there’s one thing I’m sure he’d agree on, it’s that he’s passionate about his craft. That said, he was also a bit out of line, even if Hurlbut ruined the scene like he suggests. No matter which you side you take, though, it’s hard to deny the comedy of the clip. Check it out over at TMZ, but be warned, it’s NSFW.