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Top Chef DC: cafeteria cuisine

Never shy about making the challenges on “Top Chef” interesting, the producers of this awesome Bravo show threw yet another curve ball to the chef-testants last night on episode 2. Along with guest judge Sam Kass, who is the assistant White House chef, Padma announced the quick fire challenge, which was the “bi-partisandwich” challenge…even the names of these challenges are creative. But wait, there’s more. They would work in groups of two, in an apron for two, meaning one person could use their left hand and the other their right hand, making it even more difficult to make a simple sandwich in 30 minutes. They drew knives to determine who they’d be working with.

Tamesha and Amanda, with their basic grilled cheese with prosciutto; and Tiffany and Lynne’s saltimbocca sandwich were the worst two in Kass’ eyes. And the best two? Angelo and Tracey’s flounder sandwich with spicy mayo; and Kenny and Ed’s Korean ahi tuna sandwich with cucumber. And once again, Angelo’s team won the top prize, which for this week was immunity for both he and Tracey. Kenny again came in second and was annoyed.

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5 questions with Kevin Gillespie, Top Chef finalist and instructor for Top Chef University

In the most recent season of Bravo’s hit reality show, “Top Chef,” I was pulling for Kevin Gillespie in a big way over arrogant brothers Mike and Bryan. So I was thrilled when I was presented the opportunity to ask him a few questions by e-mail. Kevin and another Top Chef alum, Carla Hall, have been chosen to be the virtual instructors for a new online culinary course, Top Chef University.

Here is how the press release describes the course:

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