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Most Well-Dressed Celebrities of 2013 So Far

Fashion magazines and websites usually compile their lists of the best dressed celebrities for the year from award shows. Since the major award season is almost over, we already have a good idea on who dresses the best.

The red carpet is where real style is born. Everything in a red carpet outfit has to match and balance out beautifully. There are the shoes, tie, suit, dress, jewelry, hair style and lastly the bag to consider. Also body shape because not all dresses suit an hourglass figure. As for color, if it complements your skin tone, then you should be all set to dazzle the paparazzi.

Celebrities such as Katy Perry at this year Grammy’s worked the classic Hollywood look well. Her mint colored gown from Gucci really suited her body shape because it accentuated her waist and balanced out her long sleeves with a nice trail. Long and flowing, Katy Perry looked willowy but elegant because her long and curly hair suited the flow of the dress.

As for accessories, she did not go overboard and instead continued to hone her balancing act towards the dress. If wearing something light shaded, always go for a darker shade in the same color.

As for dressing up like this famous singer, you can find mint colored dresses all over because the color is becoming extremely popular. If you have a tight hugging waist like Katy Perry, invest in a large necklace to complement the look, you can find many matching necklaces at a clearance sale online. As for earrings, studs always go well with large necklaces.

Speaking of blue tinted colors, sapphire blue is also very popular on the red carpet at the moment. At the BAFTA awards, up and coming actress, Jessica Chastain from the film Zero Dark Thirty looked smashing in her strapless sapphire blue gown by designer Roland Mouret. This nominated actress for an academy award also sported other bold colors at the Golden Globes with sea foam and the Screen Actors Guild Awards with show stopping red.

Bold colors suit Jessica’s pearl like complexion and definitely makes her stand out from the crowd. But since she has chosen bold colors, she cannot over accessorize too much. If the color is striking, you are better going for a much softer and asymmetrical look. For instance, this sapphire blue gown looks more stylish when paired up with matching studs in comparison to a matching choker.

If Jessica wore a necklace, her outfit would look too busy and then she would have to style her hair up. And since the dress is designed with more layers at the neck line, little accessory is needed. With long and flowing gowns, hair styles do have to match the dress more instead of the shoes because you cannot see them.

So next time you are wearing a nice and long dress, pick a hair style that suits its fit and texture. Curls always go well with soft textiles and figure hugging dresses. Straight hair, however suits a tougher texture and layered dress.

4 Mobile Apps that Can Help You Look like an A-List Celebrity

Anyone who has ever had a dream or even ounce of interest in looking or acting like a celebrity knows how much work is involved. Not only do you have to work on perfecting hair and makeup, but you have to look good physically and have an extensive fashion collection. While it might not be possible to make a supermodel or celebrity overnight, some mobile apps have tried to achieve the impossible and help others become “pseudo” celebrities or supermodels.

Image Courtesy of Flickr

The following are some must-have mobile apps that every person needs to consider downloading. So grab your phone, choose one of the many no contract cell phone plans, and start working on becoming a celebrity or supermodel look-a-like.

Touch Closet

Celebrities have personal assistants that personally go through their wardrobe and catalogue when they’ve worn certain outfits. While you might not be able to afford a personal assistant, the Best Wardrobe Organizer can help you catalogue your outfits so you never wear the same outfit twice in a row. Just snap a picture of the clothing you are wearing, place it in the calendar and you can see what you’ve worn in the past or plan on wearing in the future.


If you want to pick out fashion ensembles that are similar to the celebrities, the WhoWhatWear app is a must-have for you. This mobile app shows you photos of celebrities from all over the world, and features a how-to guide on how you can recreate that look for less. Style suggestions are updated daily, so you’ll never have to worry about sifting through old, outdated fashion ensembles.

Ask a Stylist

Ever wonder what you might look like in a certain fashion ensemble or pair of shoes, but have no one to ask? Ask a Stylist is a free mobile app that allows you to upload photos of the fashion accessory or fashion ensemble you choose to wear, and ask a professional stylist to the stars their opinion. All you have to do is pick a personal stylist who matches your likes and interests, and send them a quick photo of what you want to wear. You’ll receive honest, straight-forward advice that allows you to pick fashion ensembles that have you looking and feeling your best.


You can’t look and feel like a celebrity or supermodel if you don’t know what is hot or not. The Style.com app is a great way to stay on top of all the latest news and trends in the fashion industry. This information is instantly downloaded to your smartphone, and you can use it to make judgments on what to wear.

Perfecting the supermodel or celebrity look can take years and lots of money, but with the help of these mobile apps it can take just a few minutes. If you ever had a dream of becoming a celebrity or supermodel, then download these apps and you will be one step closer to looking and feeling like one.

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