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Bullz-Eye’s TV Girlfriends, Round 7: Mean Girls

With six rounds of Bullz-Eye’s TV Girlfriends on the books, you’ve already determined the hottest of the boob tube’s fairer sex in a number of categories (Hot & Smart; Pretty, Vacant; Girls Next Door; Coworkers with Benefits; Married to the Job; and High Maintenance Hotties, to be specific), but we’re not done voting yet — in fact, the latest round of voting has just kicked off, and this month, it’s time to choose your favorite in the Mean Girls category.

Ah, yes — the mean girl. She’s a rich television tradition, so you know we have plenty of terrific choices — including Brenda Walsh from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Amanda Woodward from “Melrose Place,” and Wilhelmina Slater from “Ugly Betty,” to name just a few. Which of these fine, unfriendly ladies tickles your fancy the most? Visit Bullz-Eye’s TV Girlfriends to cast your vote!

Bullz-Eye’s TV Girlfriends, Round Five: Married to the Job

Married to the Job

You’ve exercised your right to vote through the first four rounds of Bullz-Eye’s TV Girlfriends, choosing your favorites from the Hot and Smart, Pretty, Vacant, Girls Next Door, and Coworkers with Benefits categories…and now it’s time for round five: Married to the Job.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to survey our shapely (and professionally driven) lineup of potential TV Girlfriends — a list that includes more recent hotties like Nancy Botwin of “Weeds” and Veronica Mars, as well as classics like Mary Richards — and pick the one you’d most like to spend your weekends with. Will it be Chloe O’Brian of “24”? Sarah Connor? Elaine Nardo from “Taxi”? Or another of our fine choices? Take a look and cast your vote!

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