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RIP Peter Yates

A fine British director who worked both here and in the UK, Peter Yates’ films varied between smart, sensitive comedy-dramas like “Breaking Away” and “The Dresser” and hard edged crime and action films like “Bullit,” “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” as well as the TV series “Secret Agent.” To mark his passing, we’ll salute him with a couple of key scenes from his best known movies. Starting with an endlessly copied scene that made for a lot of new gigs for movie stunt drivers.

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RIP William A. Fraker

Via Anne Thompson comes word of the passing of director of photography William A. Fraker. Fraker wasn’t one of the biggest names in cinematography of the later 20th century, but he had a definite knack for atmosphere and direct storytelling, and wasn’t afraid to take on highly diverse and unusual projects. His CV included everything from “Tombstone,” “Vegas Vacation” and “War Games” to such ultra-culty projects as Ralph Bakshi’s “Coonskin,” Theodore Flicker’s spy-satire “The President’s Analyst,” Curtis Harrington’s “Games,” and the underrated musical biopic “American Hot Wax.”  Of course, he also worked on a couple of bonafide sixties mega-blockbusters, the ur-action cop movie, “Bullitt,” and the horror masterpiece that still reverberates whether any of us likes it or not, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Below are some clips which show what a versatile director of photography like Mr. Fraker can do, starting with the obvious, which really shows that Fraker knew his way around shadows.

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