While those who follow comedy continue to speculate about Ron White’s mysterious absence from Comedy Central’s recent roast of White’s Blue Collar touring mate Larry the Cable Guy – some suspect it was due to his arrest for marijuana possession last September, though drug use hasn’t stopped the network from inviting Gary Busey, Andy Dick or Courtney Love to participate – his latest concert special, “Behavioral Problems,” provides at least an unofficial answer to that question. Simply put, White is playing a competely different sport than the other three, and this routine, recorded in Seattle, is as funny as anything White has served up to date. His arrest even serves as fodder for his act (“This was Florida; these cops drove by three meth labs and a dead hooker just to get there”), as well as a lawsuit he was served by a pungent paper company in Houston (“two million people could smell this plant. If it were music, and two million people could hear it, they’d tell ’em to turn it the fuck off”). The funniest moments come when he messes up his routine, causing White to riff and even poke fun at the lack of funny in some of his punch lines. His material leans a bit more on sex this time around, but his gift for storytelling saves even the most obvious of his jokes. The DVD also contains three bits excised from the final concert (all of which are as funny as what made the final cut), and one bit of White telling stories at a bar after the show. Twenty-some years after his stand-up debut, White seems to just be getting warmed up.

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