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The Next Food Network Star: tipped off?

During this week’s episode of “The Next Food Network Star,” we may have been tipped off about who would be eliminated this week before they were eliminated. But more on that later.

The Final Four made it to New York City, where they would be duking it out for real to see who would have their own show on Food Network. The finalists? Aarti, Aria, Tom and Herb. And this week they would be battling Iron Chef-style. Alton Brown was waiting for them, as well as Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, Michael Symon and Masaharu Morimoto. They would be competing in groups of two, making three dishes each based on the secret ingredient. When they weren’t competing they would be floor commentators ala Kevin Brasch.

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5 questions with Brian Boitano about his new Food Network show

A former Olympic figure skater with a cooking show on The Food Network? For those of you who thought this was a joke when you first heard about it, we’re willing to bet you were pleasantly surprised at how entertaining “What Would Brian Boitano Make” is. The show premiered last Sunday and this Sunday’s episode (we saw a screener of it) features Boitano cooking four different bacon-centric dishes for a roller derby team. Not only is Boitano a natural in front of the camera, his recipes look amazing…..well, anything with bacon looks amazing, but trust me, you’re going to want to try them.

We had the chance to ask Boitano a few questions about his new show and newfound culinary career:

Premium Hollywood: You seem like a natural in front of the camera cooking. I’m curious if you approached Food Network or if they found you, and basically how that all transpired?

Brian Boitano: I have always loved cooking, entertaining and skating. I approached a producer with an idea for a combination cooking and skating show. He liked the idea of me just cooking and convinced me to give it a go. We produced a pilot and sold it to Food Network.

PH: Do you come up with the themes and create your own recipes, and/or how much of that is done by producers?

BB: I came up with most of the themes and recipe ideas, as they are taken from my life, but the producers and I collaborated on the twists that made the show evolve into what it is now.

PH: The roller girl/bacon theme was awesome…can you give away any other upcoming themes?

BB: I have already filmed four episodes, including cooking with my handy man that never works and cooking a paella-inspired meal for my Spanish friend. The first show was called “Brian and the Bachelor” because I created a menu and event around finding a girl for my friend Tony. I invited 15 girls over and surprised him!

PH: Do you think being a world class skater and performing in front of huge crowds helped you in your new role as TV personality, and why or why not?

BB: Certainly, but it is definitely a different process to cook and talk to the camera then to skate in front of the camera.

PH: Your bacon looked like it was cooked so perfectly, I wanted to jump through the screen and eat it. In your mind, what is the key to perfectly cooked bacon?

BB: Using a baking rack and putting it in the oven is the best way for me. It all comes out perfectly shaped and symmetrical.

Catch “What Would Brian Boitano Make” on The Food Network Sundays at 1pm/12 central.

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