The summer is winding down and the busiest season for movies is coming to an end for 2010. This summer has had some blockbuster films like Toy Story 3, Inception and Iron Man 2; movies like Inception or Iron Man 2 may be worth viewing on the big screen for the special effects. Other movies may seem interesting for a diversion but not for the $10 to $20 price tag admission price. What are some other ways to catch films that may be less expensive than going to the first-run theater?

Matinees and midnight showings can provide some price relief. However, another way to catch a movie is to find a second-run theater in your area. You can see a movie that was released earlier during the year but at a discount price. At the LaGrange Theatre in Chicago, no movie is more than $5.50; the Hollywood Theatre in Syracuse is another one where the tickets cost a whopping $1.75!

DVD or pay-per-view TV is another option. Netflix has a contract with Relativity Media where movies now get streamed directly to customers instead of to pay-per-view. Amazon OnDemand offers a few pre-theatrical release movies while Time Warner OnDemand offers first-run indie movies for premium subscribers.

Smartphone users can view movies from their phones. Netflix can also stream movies to a phone for on-the-go viewing. Blockbuster started allowing some Smartphone users to download movies on the same day as the DVD release. MSpot allows multiple types of users to stream movies as well. This means with AT&T wireless coverage, you can watch recent movies directly from your phone when you want.

Even if the cost of a subscription for a movie is about the same as a first-run theater, since the popcorn and drinks are probably less expensive, these options offer good entertainment without the investment.