If you’ve ever sat through an entire end credits, you’ll realise just how many people it can take to create a film. While the actors get the spotlight, there is so much happening behind the scenes. It’s such an exciting industry to be part of. We decided to delve into some departments and explore the work behind those end credit names.


Let’s begin with the person bringing the film together – the director. They are the creative lead and are involved in the entire process. They have a say in everything – from casting and costume choices to shot styles and script changes. Some will write the script themselves, and others work with a screenwriter.

Set Builder

Set builders will design the world the film is taking place in. Whether it’s going far back in time or somewhere in the future – it’s their job to set the scene. This can include building a physical set. Construction workers are often recognizable by their high visibility clothing. It can also entail creating props and making a room look just right. Whether it’s big picture or small details – or a mixture of both – making a set can be such a creative and rewarding job.

Camera Crew

The camera crew is a vital cog in the movie-making machine. Without them, nobody would be able to watch the film. There are a variety of roles in this department. There’s an assistant camera. This entails operating the camera – making sure you’re getting the right shot and keeping the actors in frame and in focus. This can go alongside organising and maintaining the equipment. There’s also the Director of Photography. You’re in charge of figuring out how to get the shots the director wants, and how the crew is going to make them happen.

Sound Team

Sound mixers are in charge of the audio. This role involves maintaining and oranging audio equipment. It also requires work in post-production, collating the audio that’s been collected. They may also need to create sound effects themselves. There are also boom operators, who hold the microphone to capture the actor’s dialogue without getting in the shot.


Most entry-level jobs in the film industry are runners. This role revolves around administrative jobs to help the production run smoothly. You could help set up a location, hire props or book transport for the equipment. Essentially a runner is there to help assist the director, crew, or actors. It can be a demanding role so a passion for the industry and a strong work ethic is important.

Behind any incredible film you’ve watched is an incredible team who have worked so hard to make it happen. The film industry offers an array of opportunities. How would you like to get involved behind-the-scenes?