Let’s take a look at some of the best wholesome movies that you should watch while you are at home in isolation. Additionally, we’ll also list the places where you can stream them.

You do not have to read news related to the pandemic every hour of the day. In fact, that could be counterproductive. Instead, the more important thing is to stay happy during these tough times.

That leads us to the fact that you can’t really go to the cinema for the foreseeable future. However, you can still turn your home into a happy place for yourself.

With streaming options such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix along with a ton of other streaming services (some of which are even free such as TubiTV and Crackle), you will never run out of choice. You can either run these apps on your Smart TV or mobile device, If you don’t have either then you can get a media box like an Apple TV or a Firestick (cheaper option) which will convert your old school TV into a smart TV. There are many tricks to get tons of kids channels on a firestick, you can find these tips at sites like

So for the next couple of weeks or so (of course, it depends on whether or not the government in your area has re-opened the economy), you should lessen the amount of time you spend on reading news and enjoy some of the best wholesome movies that you can watch with your kids.

The movies that we will mention in this guide will no doubt take your mind off the pandemic for a while at least.

So let’s get to it.

Missing Link

The movie probably deserved an Oscar or two but judging by the number of people who watch the Oscars this year, who really cares. Missing Link could not win an Oscar because that went to Toy Story 4 (and you know that when Disney is involved, your movie is going to win something big). Missing Link is developed by Laika and this animation house has a strong pedigree of great animated movies.

The studio has previously introduced animated movies such as The BoxTrolls, Paranorman and Coraline along with Kubo And The Two Strings. The stop-motion adventure though is more ambitious when compared to anything else that the studio has done before. Not only that, it is also not that kooky. As for the plot, the movie revolves around a Victorian explorer (voiced by Hugh Jackman) who travels the world and about (a second character) BigFoot (as the name suggests, a somewhat anxious but gentle) voiced by none other than Zach Galifianakis. Both of them try their best to travel from their homeland (America) to the Himalayas.

The clay models in the movie have been rendered magnificently and the whole take of the movie is not only unique but also refined. Some may consider this story as a classic but Missing Link has enough original content to throw your way that you will definitely feel refreshed after watching it.
Expect to spend around 90 minutes to watch the full movie on Netflix.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl are always ready to amaze people with their work. But they really outdid themselves with Fantastic Mr Fox. Or more specifically, the animated version of Fantastic Mr. Fox. It has become a cliché to say that a given movie was a piece of magic, but it wouldn’t be cliché for this movie.

The entire movie is handmade and that makes each frame look gorgeous. The voice acting from the likes of Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep and George Clooney really help the film glow.

Expect to spend around 90 minutes to watch the full movie on Amazon Prime Video.


This movie has a Western theme and takes place entirely in an animated desert. It stars a big-name Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Gore Verbinski (the director of the film) really allowed Johnny Depp to come into his own in Rango. The pair had worked with each other before but not on a project like this.
As for the plot, the movie focuses on a Chameleon pet and its experiences in small places around a desert. We won’t name any movies to compare this with to help you understand this movie better because there is nothing quite like it. Your kids will enjoy this movie from the first minute to the last.
Expect to spend around 120 minutes to finish the movie on Netflix.