Quentin Tarantino’s black comedy movie named as Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 in America and other courtiers. This all-time favorite movie gave birth to a new Hollywood auteur. This black comedy starring Uma Thurman became the most influential movie of the 90s and beyond.

If you are a big fan of pulp fiction, then pulp fiction inspired items are a great addition in your home.

Let’s check out the options!

#1 T-Shirts with Pulp Fiction Scenes

Take your favorite movie everywhere with apparel!

Pulp fiction T-shirts are great items for the fans of the movie. There are tees with the famous Vincent and Mia dance scene. Also, there are hoodies with Uma Thurman’s image on it.

Whether you love polo-T-shirt, round neck, or v-neck, you can get any of your styles. Wearing pulp fiction T-shirts or hoddies is a unique way to show your love for the movie. Also, it a great gift for movie lovers.

#2 Pulp Fiction Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art featuring the 1994 black comedy, Pulp Fiction, is a great addition to every home décor. The wall art of Mia Wallace or other characters of the movie, including famous scenes, will spice up your space in many ways.

You can choose the black and white wall art or colored pulp fiction wall art for your living room or bedroom.

#3 Pulp Fiction Key Hanger

A key hanger is something that is a must in every home or office to save keys from getting lost. And, the good news is that you can get a customized pulp fiction key hanger for your space.

Being a fan of pulp fiction, the customized key hanger is a great item to hang in your home. Further, it looks unique and attractive in many ways.

#4 Pulp Fiction Wall Clock

A cool wall clock will never go out of fashion. And, when you are a big fan of pulp fiction, then wall clock featuring movie characters is a great option.

Choosing a timepiece with a pulp fiction design alters your room’s functional object into a piece of art. Additionally, it sets your favorite movie stamp to an interior scheme and makes it unique to you.

#5 Coffee Mug featuring Pulp Fiction Scene

Get a coffee mug with Pulp Fiction image on it. The customized coffee mug is a great item to buy – because it is both useful and thoughtful.

Further, the image of your favorite movie scene on the coffee mug helps differentiate your mug from others. So, enjoy everyday coffee in pulp fiction mug.

#6 Customized Phone Case

Make your phone look unique and stylish with the pulp fiction characters’ image. If you are a fan of pulp fiction, a phone case with pulp fiction characters is a great option for you.

You can choose to customize your phone cover with your favorite movie scene or can buy one from the stores.

#7 Cushion Cover with Pulp Fiction Prints

Cushions are small details that complete your upholstery. The addition of pulp fiction cushion covers will update your space in many ways.

Whether your sofas are of leather or fabric, customized cushion covers with pulp fiction prints suit all kinds of upholstery. You can put them in your bedroom as well.

#8 Pulp Fiction Interesting Readings

Pulp fiction readings are great for book lovers, especially if you are a fan of pulp fiction movie. There are stories, novels, and magazines based on this movie, which you can read while traveling or at home

Reading a pulp fiction book helps you to know the hidden facts about the movie.

#9 Jules Poster – Pulp Fiction

Recite the cute makes of pulp fiction with Jules poster from the movie. The poster is a beautiful way to remember the famous quotes and characters of your favorite movie.

Jules’ Ezekiel quote and photos on the poster make it the best item for movie lovers. You can gift such posters to your friends.

#10 Wallet Similar To Pulp Fiction

In a pulp fiction movie, there was a wallet with a “Bad Mother Fucker” quote. Being a fan of the movie, having a wallet with the same design will give you immense happiness.