Animation movies are films produced by capturing a series of slowly changing drawings or puppets to give the impression of motion when the series is projected rapidly. They are a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. They are often emotional and hence memorable. Animation movies are used to teach disciplines such as vocabulary, or grammar structure or speech skills. They have also been employed widely in business for advertisement due to their memorability. One of the most important thing in animation movies production is animation creation, which the movie producer can do in-house or outsource experts in the field.

What are some of the great 2018 animation movies? This article highlights some animation movies that will grace the scene in 2018.

Peter Rabbit

This animated movie revolves around Peter Rabbit, the naughty and daring character who has been a darling of many readers over the generations. The movie portrays Peter’s grudge with Mr. McGregor getting to a high level as they compete for the attention and love of their neighbor who is a compassionate animal lover.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

The movie features Mary, a simple little girl who lives in a British countryside village with her Great-Aunt Charlotte, and it appears there are no exciting things and explorations or even friends to play with. Unexpectedly, Mary comes across a pair of strange cats that lead her into a forest close to her home. She finds an old broom held in the overgrowth of a tree and the strange beauty of the blue fly-by-night flower. This is an uncommon plant that flowers once in seven years. The broom becomes alive and carries Mary to places in the skies beyond the clouds, where she finds a school for witches. The lovely headmistress Madam Mumblechook and the jolly Doctor Dee are different from what she perceives them. Through a complex story, it comes out that even seemingly common children can have great exploits.

Monster family

The movie is about the Wishbone family, a rather an unhappy family. Emma, the mom, is in pain trying to be the best mom to her two misunderstood youngsters. Her husband is a stressed man relying on a non-performing bookshop. Emma takes her family to a costume party on Halloween night, and they are all cursed by a wicked witch turning them into monsters. Emma has a tough task of keeping her monster family together and unraveling the hidden story of their curse which culminates by getting the family to the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula.

The Incredibles 2

The much-loved family of superheroes comes back in this movie. In this sequel, Helen is the center of attention, having left Violet and Dash back in their dwelling, to go pursue her daily heroics of “normal life.” It proves to be a difficult changeover for all, made difficult by everyone’s unawareness of baby Jack-Jack’s rising superpowers. A new villain’s well-calculated but risky plan brings Frozone and the family to work together again, which is tougher than it seems despite them all being Incredible.