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You can enjoy some great movies without worrying about having to break the bank. September will come along eventually and right around the corner will be when the cost of Netflix plans do change. Here are some great ways to watch movies that you do care about and appreciate. Keep cash in your wallet while watching them. They are:

1. You can set up a DVD exchange work place.

Science has proven one thing and that thing is that the honor system can and does work. You can keep things very simple and free by designating a section in your office for people to come together to exchange DVDs that would most probably collect dust and sit around at home.

2. Do an upgrade with Amazon Prime.

Anyone who is a Prime member does have access to Amazon’s huge library of 5,000 movies and TV titles. They are all unlimited and commercial free totally. The fee is $79 for a year. During September, Netflix plans charge about $7.99 for a one DVD per month plan that is totally separate from the online streaming plan itself. The cost for the streaming plan is also $7.99. The total for both comes to $15.98 each month. If you subscribe to this for one year, the cost would be a whopping $110.00, and that is far more in cost than Amazon Prime is.

You can also find alternative sources like Fandango and Mamma.com, along with promo codes, these types of sites can be a great thing to have on hand when wanting to watch movies on the cheap.

3. You can visit your public library.

Movies are free at the library. What is an added bonus is this. A lot of public libraries do also carry DVDs as well. They have entire TV series too. What is great about having a library card is clear. You can order films that might not have shelved. A queue can be created of sorts and that also ends up costing less too.

4. Look for a Red Box.

Make sure to return discs on time. Red Box only charges not much over a dollar to see any new release films.

5. You can look up free screenings.

Google can be your real best friend here. You can search out for local libraries and check for event listings. There are a number of libraries that do show new releases to both patrons and guests. If they don’t do this, you can ask them, if they would do it.

6. You can use Free On Demand.

If you have On Demand, and aren’t aware at all, at what the free movie section is. You have just scored yourself regular access to a collection of movies to think about any weekend that comes and brings rain along with it.

7. Check out Hulu.

Hulu has certain movies that are free. There are fans that have even cancelled their cable just to look at their favorites for free of charge on Hulu.com

8. Go to Goodwill.

It’s great to check out your local Goodwill store. Goodwill has a great selection of DVDs on hand at times. The cost can end up being far less than renting a Pay Per View flick for $2.95.