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Splitting her personal time between NYC and Los Angeles, our latest focus keys in on the talents of rising actress, Melissa Bolona. She got her start as a model, as you can see from the amazing swimsuit video above.

Set to feature in the forthcoming, much-anticipated film “Category 5,” which just-so-happens to be directed by the man behind the renowned mega-series “The Fast and Furious,” Rob Cohen, the Greenwich, Connecticut born beauty has also made a name for herself by being featured in a slew of films in the past.

Melissa Bolona has found herself in the heat of things by making in appearance in the following; “The Saint and The Ten,” “In Stereo,” the John Travolta-starring “I am Wrath,” “Shark Lake,” “Billy Boy,” “Frat Pack,” “The Year of Spectacular Men,” “The Neighbor,” “Cops and Robbers,” “Snipped in the Bud,” “The Institute,” and “Dog Eat Dog with Nicolas Cage.”

Melissa Bolona is poised to make a promising run in the film industry. Stay tuned for what’s next.