Rihanna’s transition to film is continuing, with the announcement that Friday Night Lights director Peter Berg is planning to make a documentary about the pop star. Her new single from the upcoming album R8 has also been released, featuring the Bajan pop star next to Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Finally, a third victory for Rihanna — an appeals court has ruled that Topshop can’t sell T-shirts featuring the signer without her permission.

‘Friday Night Lights’ Director Making Rihanna Documentary

Citing the Bob Dylan movie Don’t Look Back as creative inspiration, Peter Berg has signed on to make a documentary about Rihanna. It follows on the heels of her voicing the main role in the DreamWorks film “Home” and her acting role in 2012’s Battleship.

According to Deadline, the film will be an “unfiltered look” at Rihanna’s life and the story of her ascent to becoming a global icon. Berg, who both directed the Friday Night Lights film and also worked on the TV series, has cited the 1967 DA Pennebaker documentary on Bob Dylan, “Don’t Look Back,” as a major influence on the new project. Berg has said that he is hoping it will be more of a character study, versus a music film.

Berg and Rihanna previously worked together when Berg directed the singer in his film Battleship. The as-yet unnamed Rihanna documentary will follow Rihanna’s life and rise to fame; it will come out via Film 45, which is Berg’s freshly founded production company.

Rihanna was recently named Spotify’s most-streamed female artists (this in the runup to International Womens Day on 8 March) and has recently posted snippets of her songs American Oxygen, Towards the Sun, and Higher to Instagram.

R8 Single FourFiveSeconds Released

The first of Rihanna’s new material from the album R8 has been released — an acoustic ballad which is a significant departure from her previous work (including her previous collaborations with Kanye West).

The new song features her, West, and Paul McCartney. It’s the first new material to come out since the Jump single released about a year ago; this one came out Wednesday (Kanye West teased it during the iHeartMedia summit) and it follows on West’s Only One collaboration with McCarney that came out earlier this month.

As with Only One, FourFiveSeconds is a bit slower than the previous West-Rihanna collaborations like All of the Lights and Run This Town (with Jay Z). It’s one of two unlikely collaborations McCartney has done in the beginning of 2015, following on his contribution to the Destiny soundtrack — Destiny was one of 2014’s top selling video games.

Rihanna’s next performance will be in Rio on 26 September; Rihanna tour tickets are already on sale.

Rihanna Wins Legal Victory Against Topshop

An appeals court has realed that fashion retailer Topshop’s unauthorised use of a photo of Rihanna amounts to “passing off,” or the illegal exploitation of an unregistered trademark.

The three judges in the case ruled that while there wasn’t any English law which allowed someone to directly restrain someone from reproducing their image or name, Topshop could not sell T-shirts with Rihanna’s image unless it informed buyers that the usage had not been authorised by the singer. The law of passing off meant that nobody is allowed to injure another person’s goodwill by passing off their own goods or services as those of that person.