Although it has yet to be given a title, the 24th James Bond film is edging ever closer to filming. The movie will see Daniel Craig return to play the titular spy for a fourth, and presumably, penultimate time, whilst director Sam Mendes is also back.

We owe thanks to Craig. Despite the Cheshire actor facing huge public backlash when cast in 2006, he has managed to rejuvenate the Hollywood franchise. So what are Craig’s definitive Bond moments?

Istanbul train chase – Skyfall (2012)

The opening scene of the latest movie went some way to alleviating the disappointment left over from Quantum of Solace. Bond, with some assistance from Eve Moneypenny, are chasing terrorist, Patrice, who has stolen a file with the locations of every undercover NATO agents, across the roof of travelling train. Just when things are coming to a head Moneypenny, from distance, misses her target and shoots Bond, who, presumably dead, falls into the water below him – queue Adele. It is one of the strongest Bond openings in memory and from hereon you are instantaneously hooked.

Vesper Cocktail – Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale really was a cinematic triumph. The poker scenes especially drew a lot of praise and, for many, were just as exciting as the fighting. Bond, up against the bloody eyed Le Chiffre, decides to slow the play down and order a drink

“Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?”

Not only did Craig ask for it with much aplomb, he sold it to the audience. Upon watching the scene, there aren’t many who are of the legal drinking age that wouldn’t fancy taking that drink on.

The drink was just like the poker segments, something of real quality. If you fancy trying a Vesper cocktail whilst playing poker you should play at Gambling Land.

Building site chase – Casino Royale (2006)

Wow! Simply wow. The start of Casino Royale instantly shut up all the critics about Craig being cast as the Bond – now if that isn’t testament to the quality of the opening then what is? Bond chases a bomb manufacturer through a building site in Madagascar, jumping from crane to crane before following him to the Embassy. The tables turn once there and Bond has to blow the thing up to escape. The scene signified a few things: One; Craig was going to be an athletic Bond, the parkour showcasing this, and one closer to Jason Bourne than the cheesy Bonds of old, Two; it showed the world that Craig was awesome, Three: after the disastrous Die Another Day movie, which spelt the end for Pierce Brosnan as 007, it showed that Bond was still relevant and not just a womanizing, habitual drunk who would get battered from pillar to post yet still save the world.

You may notice that there has been nothing of Quantum of Solace included. The reason? Well the film is utterly dire and trying to salvage any scene of note is very much like getting blood out of a stone.