Everyone loves a bet. The thrill and anticipation of seeing your bet come in is a sort of drug-like feeling, to a degree there is a sense of euphoria involved. Human nature actively seeks out thrills, we all love a bit adrenaline and that is one of the reasons people look to gambling. Celebrities are no different albeit they do have a bit more change to throw around.

Below is A-List of gamblers.

Ben Affleck
While he may be at odds with Batman fans all over the world, Affleck is a hustler on the table. His game is poker. His biggest win to date is the California State Poker Championship, which netted him a $350,000. But it was Affleck’s antics on the blackjack tables that got him in the newspapers recently. It has been reported that Affleck was counting cards at the Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas, and is now banned indefinitely. Considering he is worth $75 million it is not as if he is short of money so he must love the thrill.

Tobey Maguire
Maguire, known to many as the original Spider-Man, actually lost to Affleck in the California State Poker Championship but bounced back to win $186,000 in the Hollywood Park Casino tournament. Maguire, who is best friends with Leonardo di Caprio, has no problem in pulverising his friends on the tables. Poker legend Phil Hellmuth has suggested that Maguire has won upwards of $10million in celeb-only tournaments.

Ashton Kutcher
During the early stages of his career Kutcher was involved with a sports betting syndicate. Still relatively fresh-faced, he was in That ‘70s Show at the time, the people involved in the betting firm thought that he would be as stupid and naïve as his face suggested, so allowed him to bet freely. Kutcher, as we all know is not stupid, placed smart calculated wagers on college football matches. After a month he was up $750,000, not bad for a so-called “dumb” actor.

50 Cent
Fiddy is never one to shy away from all things ludicrous, except maybe the man himself. So when his football side, the New York Giants, reached the Super Bowl in 2012 he had to place a bet, a $500,000 bet to precise. This was his reasoning: “Sometimes I hear voices in my head they tell me things. Like bet on the GIANTS so I listen.” It was a good job that Fiddy did listen as his side won 21-17. So were the winnings just a drop in Fiddy’s dollar pond? No, he gave the money to his Nana. How’s that for a ballar?

Co-founder of Money Records and rap pioneer Birdman did not want to be outdone by Fiddy, one of his many rivals in the rap game. So he did what comes naturally and placed $5million on the New England Patriots, who as you should know by now lost 21-17 in the 2012 Super Bowl. However, the year before Birdman won handsomely on the Super Bowl final after staking $1million on the Green Bay Packers. So swings and roundabouts.

Kudos to those five gentlemen, they were some brazen bets.