If your teen spends a lot of time on the Internet or watching TV, he may be more susceptible to celebrity endorsements than others. While that hasn’t always been a good thing (remember all the celebrity smoking endorsements in the 70s?), there are a lot more celebs today who are promoting positive habits. It is important to teach your teen how to discern between fact and opinion and celebrity endorsements are a great place to start.

Become Aware of Your Teen’s Famous Role Models

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, teens spend an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes a day using entertainment media (TV, music, social media, etc.) That’s 53 hours per week — much longer than they spend at school. So, it’s not surprising that teens are particularly susceptible to believing in celebrity endorsements.

You should check out who your teen follows on Twitter, watch his favorite TV shows, and listen to the music on his top playlist. You’ll start to get a better understanding of who your teen considers to be his role models and the influence they have on his life. After that, it won’t be hard to find out the products those celebrities endorse. Just run a quick Internet search.

Talk with Your Teen about the Influence of Celebrity Endorsements

After you’ve researched your teen’s favorite celebs, sit down with him and discuss what those celebs are promoting. Depending on the teen, the involvement that starting this dialogue requires can sometimes breed rebellion, so tread lightly; however, it shows you’re interested his life and want him to make the best decisions for himself. For instance, if your teen is in need of face wash and one of his favorite celebs endorses a particular acne treatment, you should lay out the options and help him look at the ingredients.

Having good and bad examples of celebrity endorsements is important. If a celeb your teen loves is promoting something you think is inappropriate, consider it a way to continue the conversation. Explain how your teen needs to look past the celebrity persona and decipher the facts. It shows your teen that these celebrities can either show him the way to something that will better himself or lead him down the wrong path. It is up to him to make an informed decision.

Positive Celebrity Endorsements to Share with Your Teen

Internet and TV are so teeming with positive celebrity endorsements that you probably see them every day and might not even realize it. Surprising positive role models Cheech and Chong endorse Fiber One, touting the importance of fiber in a healthy diet. Another healthful food endorser is recent Olympics champ Gabby Douglas, who promotes Corn Flakes. Ellen DeGeneres endorses the popular health drink Vitamin Water and important causes such as women’s rights. These popular celebrities are great examples to show your teen of how celebrity endorsement is used for the better.

The use of popular celebrities to promote products has been around for decades. These endorsements are readily available tools to teach your teen to look deeper into a product adorned with a picture of his favorite celebrity and decide if it is going to beneficial for him. He will learn to make his own informed decisions, a skill that will help him succeed in the future.