The lovely woman above is Michelle Van Schaik, a Dutch model who makes her movie debut in “Death Race 3: Inferno.” The Death Race franchise is based in large part on action, violence and explosions. With the third installment, there’s more room for beautiful actresses, and this should help drive success for this film being released directly to Blu-ray/DVD. Van Schaik has a great look and as you can see from this video interview she has a great presence about her as well. It will be interesting to see if she gets opportunities outside of South Africa.

The most recognizable actress on “Death Race 3” is the lovely Tanit Phoenix, another actress turned model. She looks amazing and she has the talent to handle one of the lead roles in the film. She’s also a great interview as well.

Finally, in this film the producers added the Navigation Girls, twelve beauties who ride along with the drivers. Bullz-Eye had the opportunity to interview three of them as well.

Overall, the eye candy effect should definitely help this film.