The beautiful and hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back on TV with Veep on HBO, where she plays the Vice-President of all things.

One could say with some assurance that her latest creation, the quick-witted, power-hungry, domineering second banana she plays in HBO’s Veep (premiering Sunday, 10 ET/PT) would not be quite so accommodating or easygoing.

Her Selina Meyer, the vice president whose political affiliation is never divulged, is a desperately ambitious woman, a former senator who ran for president but settled for second best. And now, her days consist of signing condolence cards and pushing a green jobs agenda. She’s neither Sarah Palin nor Hillary Clinton but an amalgamation of numerous morally and politically expedient and opportunistic elected officials who simply struggle to stay relevant and remain close to the Oval Office.

I’ve always been a big fan, and Julia is one of the few hot actresses who is funny as hell. We’ll always remember her as Elaine on Seinfeld but she’s such a talented actress that she can overcome the type-casting very easily.

She’s also managed to remain gorgeous over all these years with her all-natural look. She either has great genes or a great plastic surgeon that is able to make the subtle changes that hide aging without distorting how a woman looks. Fortunately for her she never had the Barbie sex symbol look so she didn’t have to resort to big fake boobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with women in their 40s or of all adult ages for that matter looking to augment their chest by looking for quality breast implant information. A great chest can make many women look better!

Some women and actresses know how to do it well, and Julia is definitely one of them. We’ll see how the series turns out, but she definitely has the talent . . . and the looks to pull it off.