Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” exposed who the Final Four would be, but not before some weird “final exams” administered by the trainers–Bob, Jillian, Cara and Brett. Of course, the prize was not weird–a cool $10K. They would have to show the trainers how much they learned by either showing them how to ride a spin bike, offering advice, boxing Cara, or answering questions about nutrition. The second part of that was that they would be competing in a Biggest Loser video game using their own avatars. Ha! Olivia won the overall challenge, edging out her sister Hannah by a hair.

The main challenge was stacking sandbags up colored flights of stairs or something (can you tell how much I actually watched this?). Austin won the challenge and had a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Then, there was more final exam stuff–Brett took them all to Subway where they had to guess the exact calorie count of a sweet onion teriyaki sub. Hannah won that and a $500 Subway gift card.

Then came the last chance workout. Yeah, I forwarded through that too.

Then at the weigh-in, host Alison Sweeney offered Olivia a 1-pound advantage instead of the $10K she won, and offered Austin $10K instead of his 1-pound advantage. Naturally, Bob and Jillian tried to talk Olivia out of the $10K but she wouldn’t budge–and good for her. That’s a lot of money!

Then to the scale–Hannah was first and lost 4 pounds and was thrilled with that. Irene lost 5 though, and Jay lost 9. So Hannah was at the bottom. Olivia was next and lost 5. So she was ahead of Hannah but there was a chance the sisters would be below the yellow line together. Austin was next….and lost 1 pound. Ouch. So even his extra pound didn’t help him, and alas, he should have taken the money! But Olivia made the right choice.

Anyway, it was between Hannah and Austin, but almost a moot point because both Jay and Irene were close with Hannah throughout the competition, so it was bye-bye Austin.

So your final four–the sisters Hannah and Olivia; Irene, and Jay. Who would have picked this foursome, seriously? And that’s what makes the next two episodes so intriguing. By all accounts, Jay should win but he has shown weakness at times, so who knows. Irene has been a warrior after her mom was eliminated in Week 1. And the sisters have just been super consistent.

That’s it…we’ll see you all next week!