Last night on “American Idol” it was time to get from the final five to the Final Four. But first, the fluff that typically goes along with a results show. Here is how it went down….

The finalists sang a positively awful version of The Turtles’ “Happy Together.” That was followed by a promo for another FOX show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” in which star Gordon Ramsay tested the cooking abilities of Lauren, Haley, James, Jacob and Scotty. Lauren was the only one who seemed to have an ounce of ability and she won part 1 of their challenge.

Then Lady Antebellum performed their hit single, “Just a Kiss,” which, as Mrs. Mike correctly pointed out, was maybe the best performance of a guest artist on the show. Nicely done. Then another “Hell’s Kitchen” promo, a blind taste test between Lauren and Jacob, and Lauren won because Jacob incorrectly called a hot dog “sausage.” Awful nitpicky, Mr. Ramsay!

On to results, along with Jimmy Iovine commentary. James was asked to go to the far end of the stage, and Lauren the near end. Then more music as judge and pop star Jennifer Lopez did her hit single and then they had a sneak peek at her new video as well. It wasn’t as good as Lady Antebellum, but J-Lo did a nice job.

Back to results. Haley was asked to join James and Jacob was asked to join Lauren. Jimmy was pissed at J-Lo’s comment that Jimmy gave Haley bad advice. Ha!

Okay…..Scotty McCreery…safe! But then Ryan did what he does every season around this time. He asked Scotty to go stand by who he thought was the Bottom 2. Scotty, to his credit, didn’t take the bait. So Ryan pushed him toward James and Haley, and said, “The three of you are safe!”

Then Lauren started crying, because you might remember, Ryan said to start the show that the results “may surprise you.” Uh-oh. I was worried too, but I’m sorry, Jacob has lost his edge the last few weeks. So….the person going home is…..Jacob. Whew. I’ve been pimping Lauren since her Nashville audition, and I’m glad she hung on last night.

So your Final Four, America–James, Haley, Lauren and Scotty. I think any of them can win, quite frankly, but I still think James is the favorite right now, and Randy was correct in saying Wednesday that it was his competition to lose.

What do you all think? We’ll see you back here next week….