I realized something last night. I realized that “Hell’s Kitchen” on Fox jumped the shark about three seasons ago. Not that I didn’t think this before, but as I sat there watching with my wife, I realized that we used to really look forward to this show, and now it’s just something I blog about, and at times it pains me to do that. I mean, it’s the same format, the same challenges in the same order, the same everything with this show. Anyway, with that, here is my recap of last night’s double episode…oh, but first…remember Ramsay left us hanging before the baseball playoffs started, and asked Trev to step forward? He just sent him back to the blue team….as if we didn’t all see that coming.


Initial challenge: Blind taste test (palate challenge)
Mistakes:Gail thought black truffles were watercress, and Rob missed all four of his tastings
Winner: Red team, again
Prize: lunch and shopping spree
Punishment: separating recyclables in the trash and prepping kitchen for dinner service
Dinner service: no special theme
Mistakes: Rob could not properly cook scallops; Nona messed up chicken; Rob was slow on halibut; Vinny cooked an egg until it was hard inside a bed of spinach; Russ tried to serve raw chicken. Ramsay told Russ, Rob, Vinny, and Nona to “GET OUT!”
Quote: Ramsay, to Nona: “Get out of my f—king way!”
Winner: Red team, and Trev was best of the worst and had to nominate two teammates for elimination
On the block: Russ and Rob
Going home: Rob, which sent Russ into a jock/testosterone-infused rage because he didn’t feel he should be on the block. Whatever dude, you’re only in it for yourself.


Initial challenge: Team relay, creating three dishes in 30 minutes, with 5 minute relay times.
Mistakes: Red team, Jillian dropped salmon on floor; both teams served raw green beans
Winner: Blue team, barely
Prize: Shopping spree at cooking supply store, and nice lunch
Punishment: unloading delivery trucks
Dinner service: : Teams would get to create their own menus. Mrs. Mike pointed out that Ramsay did not critique either menu, which was odd.
Mistakes: Vinny forgot to fire up lamb completely, and it was for the table of the chef who served the blue team lunch earlier that day—yikes. Then he didn’t cook it enough; Gail served raw lobster more than once; Vinny served raw fish
Quote: “Get out!”–Ramsay to Gail
Winner: Neither team. He then asked each chef to nominate one contestant from either team for elimination.
On the block: Every red team member chose Trev, and Sabrina also had at least one nomination. Ramsay asked Trev to step forward, and said that even though he wasn’t popular, he should take his jacket off and…”Put on this black jacket!” Ramsay then handed out black jackets until only Gail and Vinny remained. He asked Gail to step forward and take off her jacket, and the music for elimination played and everything, but then Ramsay gave her a black jacket. Oh those tricky producers!
Going home: Vinny. You just don’t forget to serve lamb to the most important diner in attendance that night and not pay for it. But the dude had some flaws beyond that.

So there you have it, folks. We’re now down to seven chefs, and we’re getting closer to the finale after a month lay-off. See you next week, I just heard Ramsay yell to me, “Get Out!”