Well if you thought this season of “The Biggest Loser” was a love-fest, think again. Game play reared its ugly head again last night, and I don’t know about you, but I hate when it comes to this. Frado, Patrick, and Brendan are simply out for the $250K and nothing else. Weight loss means much less to them. Those guys are starting to resemble former Biggest Loser villains like Vickie or Melissa. Maybe it’s for ratings, maybe it’s to make us all hate that trio, but they are doing a good job of it. And I was starting to like all the changes, but the changes continue to play into the game play, and that’s what sucks.

With that, here we go. The show began with Bob Harper at the home of one of the eliminated contestants, but we had to of course wait two hours to find out who that would be, and there was an added twist of there being two eliminations. Then host Alison Sweeney offered the news that there would no longer be blue vs. black, and that they would be going to pairs. However, one person would get to pick the teams. Uh-oh. So the initial challenge that would determine the teams was this–the contestants had to sit around a table and choose menu items for dinner, and the person who ate the most calories would get to choose the teams. Of course, some of them just stuck with low-cal fare, while others, like Brendan, pigged out to the tuen of like 3500 calories. Lisa ate salad and such but then pigged out at dessert, something that infuriated Bob later on. That came after Lisa said she was 60/40 in favor of wanting to stay on campus. Say what? That also infuriated Bob.

Brendan got to choose the teams, and he said he would try to honor everyone’s wishes, but of course he would wind up pissing off someone. Of course he put himself with Patrick and put Frado with Mark. He put Elizabeth with Lisa because they wanted to be together, and that left teams of Jesse adn Aaron, and Jessica and Ada. Everyone was okay with the teams except Ada.

Then the main challenge was a sugar cube game where they had to take sugar cubes and make them into a “house” that reached a yellow line. Ada and Jessica wound up winning, and their prize was a week-long stay at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ranch in Colorado or California.

Then the weigh-in. The two teams below the yellow line would be up for elimination–both members of each team. And the other teams would vote on who to eliminate. Can you say game play in the making?

So first up was Frado and Mark, and they lost 18 and 12 pounds, respectively, for a percentage of 4.82%. Of course, remember that Frado gained weight on purpose last week so that this would happen. Jackass! Aaron and Jesse were next, and they lost 4 and 16, respectively. Not great at this point. Lisa and Elizabeth lost 8 pounds each, good for 3.52%. Next was Brendan and Patrick, but not before Aaron started picking a fight with Frado for being a gameplayer. That was awesome…I wish Aaron would have flattened Frado right there on national TV. Brendan and Patrick lost 18 and 19 pounds, respectively, for 5.89%. Then Jessica and Ada went and lost 12 and 6, for 4.05%. So the two teams up for elimination were Aaron/Jesse, and Elizabeth/Lisa. And come on, we knew how this was gonna go.

Mark and Frado voted for Jesse and Aaron; Jessica and Ada voted for Lisa and Elizabeth (and well they should have!); and then Patrick started pretending to cry, because he and Jesse had become close, and because Patrick told Jesse at one point that friendship was more important than gameplay. So as he’s choking it out, Jesse says, “Let me make it easy for you, Patrick….Patrick and Brendan vote for Aaron and Jesse.” And of course with the collusion of the two men’s teams with a vote, that was who they voted for. They wanted the biggest threats gone. Man, I’m so annoyed with those guys–not Mark so much but the trio of douchebags. Aaron and Jesse simply did not deserve to go home, but hey, this is a game and we all have to remember that.

So Bob was at the home of Aaron and they showed him with his family. The guy looks awesome, and so does Jesse, who was on hand as well. I hope one of them wins the $100K at home prize, and I hope even more that one of the douchebags goes home soon, like with a red line or something.

Am I off-base? What do you all think about this? Let’s discuss!