The food challenges are always interesting on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Contestants can indulge (or not) to obtain some sort of prize that will give them an advantage in the game. This week it was cupcakes, but the prize was the biggest potentially in the history of the show. Finding the one-pound advantage card under the cupcake would be one thing, but then they could hold it over and let the card appreciate in value, giving that person two pounds next week, three pounds the following week, and up to eight pounds. Wow. But as some of the contestants pointed out, doing so would also put a target on that person’s back. Very true. So most of them didn’t even attempt it, but Adam and Rick did as well as Elizabeth, and Adam won, but not after ingesting about 1300 calories worth of cakes.

Then host Alison Sweeney introduced celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who lo and behold had made some of the cupcakes–100-calorie versions of higher calorie cakes. Most of the women were swooning over Curtis as they do every season. Then they showed Aaron buddying up to Adam, and that’s good for Adam who will now need all the friends he can get.

Then Alison announced that this week there would be both a yellow and a red line. Whoever fell under the red line would go home automatically, and those under the yellow would compete in a challenge again. When the contestants then told this to Bob and Jillian, as well as tell them about the cupcakes, they were both surprisingly calm. In previous seasons, the thought of anyone indulging like that would set these two off, but not now…they have come to accept the “game,” but then again…were they holding their anger back for the gym for Adam and the rest of the cupcake eaters?

During the workout, Elizabeth kept using her asthma as an excuse with Jillian, and Jillian would have none of that. Then they showed Frado keeping a low profile in the gym, until Bob found him and started working him even harder. And Mark wrenched his back.

Then (big surprise) came the middle of the week weigh-in again. Here were the results:

Mark -8
Elizabeth -6
Patrick -10
Lisa -7
Aaron -12
Rick -9
Jesse -8
Burgandy -5
Ada -10
Jessica -7
Brendan -11
Frado -20 (remember he had immunity last week and lost just 3)
Adam -10
Sophia -2

But as Sophia was crying the whole time she was weighing in, it was almost like she threw herself under the bus to go home on purpose. And so home she went, falling below the red line and keeping Mark on the ranch.

There were six below the line then: Mark, Elizabeth, Lisa, Jesse, Burgandy and Jessica. Mostly women again! But Frado, with the highest percentage of weight loss, was able to save one of them this week.

Jillian pulled Ada aside, because despite losing 10 pounds and just killing it on the scale each week, she kept considering those losses to be failures. Turns out her parents telling her she was a failure most of her life contributed greatly to this. Then Bob invited the six below the line to his house for a vegan dinner, prepared in all likelihood by Bob’s private chef.

After that, Dr. H was working with Burgandy and it turns out she has tendinitis in her leg, and has to wear a brace. That means only walking as far as working out. Yikes. Frado then used his save with Jessica, who was the closest one to being above the yellow line.
And with Burgandy not being able to compete in the challenge, she was automatically up for elimination. Fair? Not really, but oh well.

So the competition was between Mark, Elizabeth, Lisa and Jesse. They had to roll giant rolls of carpet across a big open space, and then run back and hit a bell to win. Hmmm….not exactly fair to Lisa and Elizabeth with those big beasts in Mark and Jesse…though Jesse is the smallest dude and Mark has a bad back. But big surprise…Mark was first and Jesse second, leaving it between Elizabeth and Lisa. Lisa was third, putting Elizabeth up for elimination.

So it was between Burgandy and Elizabeth, and after splitting the first two votes, Burgandy received three in a row and was sent home. So this week Sophia and Burgandy went home, and Sophia has gone from 272 pound to 225; and Burgandy from 231 to 180. Not bad!

But they are dropping like flies now, and down to 12. And it’s only October 13. Aha…..but someone will be entering the ranch next week….remember those contestants from the first episode who lost those challenges? They will be back, or at least compete again to earn a spot on campus.

Well, they sure have succeeded at making this season interesting, haven’t they? Thanks for reading folks, and see you next week….