The producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” are not messing around this season. Any chance contestants thought they had to skate through for half the season are gone, and I gotta be honest–I like it. More on that in a bit.

But first, let’s start with the individuals at the ranch and realizing that Aaron, the 400 pound guy who lost the 500-step competition last week, was let in to the ranch by Bob Harper. Somehow the first part of the show was cut off on my DVR, but I’m so glad that they did this. They also had a soft spot for Elizabeth, who had collapsed during the competition last week. But the honeymoon was over in a hurry when they were escorted to the Biggest Loser gym. Bob and Jillian worked them over like crazy, and there was a lot of puking and passing out. 58 year old Tina fell off the treadmill and 54-year old Rick, who is a physical therapist, kept passing out.

Dr. Huizenga met with each contestant and they all had horrible blood sugar and fat content levels and cholesterol. Then Bob and Jillian had a nutrition counseling meeting with everyone, and some of them talked about their favorite sandwiches with names like “The Grave Digger.” Then as they were working out, big Brendan said to Bob, “Are we almost done?” Uh, not good. Bob worked him over until Brendan literally had snot pouring out of his nose. Awesome. Then those aforementioned sandwiches were flown in for Bob and Jillian to analyze. Yikes. Prime rib and french fries on a whole loaf of Italian bread? Double cheeseburger with double bacon and double mayo? Holy crap. Brendan said he would regularly pound one of those burgers with large fries and 2 liters of soda. I am kind of at a loss for words.

Anyway, after two days of working out, Alison threw a curve ball. They would all be weighing in. Now, consider that while they were on the ranch two days, it had been two weeks since they had those initial competitions in various cities. But wait, there is more. With 16 spots on the board, the yellow line was placed in the middle. So 8 would be safe, and 8 would face elimination. No skating!

Ironically, there were 7 guys and 1 woman above the line, with Patrick and 7 women below the line. Here is how it broke down in pounds lost:

Mark 41; Tina 16; Patrick 22; Rick 36 (leader); Allie 17; Frado 27; Sophia 14; Ada 18; Burgandy 12; Jesse 30; Jessica 14; Adam 34; Lisa 16; Brendan 31; Elizabeth 12; and Aaron 30.

Rick then was asked to choose one player from below the line to be safe and he chose Patrick. I’m sure that couldn’t have pleased the ladies, but he lost 22 pounds, down from 400 to 378.

Then, the remaining 7 had to have sprint races, in which the winner grabbed a flag at the end. They would do these sprints until there were 2 contestants remaining, and those two would face a vote for elimination by those who were above the yellow line. Sophia was the first to win, followed by Elizabeth, Burgandy (after almost throwing punches at Jessica for cutting her off), Lisa and Jessica. That left Tina and Allie, the oldest and youngest, respectively.

Tina had expressed to everyone that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be there, but in the end she had 2 votes for elimination while Allie had 5, so Allie went home. She was kind of scared and her fears were re-affirmed by the fact that her mom didn’t want to support her in her weight loss. So Allie reached out to Danny from Season 8, who was at the event last week in which Allie made her way onto the show. Danny coached her and she has lost 60 pounds so far, down from 322 to 262. Good for her!

So now we’re down to 15 and it’s a long season ahead! I like the twists this time though….keep these people on their toes! And I think I’m pulling for Aaron, though it’s early. Hard not to like that guy.

Okay, thanks for reading and see you back here next week!