Since this movie is one that people who’ve seen seem to not want to talk about, because of all of its apparently very surprising twists and turns, I’m at a bit of a loss at just what “Catfish” is. I gather that it’s a legitimate documentary and not a mock-doc (I guess). And that what starts out like a fairly lighthearted film about the director’s brother corresponding with an eight year-old painter, and developing an online flirtation with her grown-up older sister, turns into something darker — just what that is or how much darker,  I have no clue.

I also know that this one really blew peoples’ minds at Sundance and that trying to preserve that special fun of festival screenings when you can see a movie knowing next to nothing about it is a fool’s gig. I also understand that, as per Jay Fernandez, this trailer may be a bit misleading and that Katey Rich of Cinemablend suggests not watching it all, just seeing the movie, which she loves.

Well, here it is anyway. I’ve watched it. Maybe I’ll forget most of it by the time I’ve actually seen it.

By the way, this movie was picked up by Brett Ratner working with Relativity Media’s Rogue Pictures. I’m getting the idea that it might be the only outstanding movie he’s touched so far.