It’s one of those days. Another Hollywood craftsman has left us, though Robert F. Boyle got to be about as famous as production designers/art directors ever get and he also lived to the ripe age of 100.  Responsible for the gorgeously stylized sets and backgrounds you’ll see below, Boyle was probably best known for the few films he did with Alfred Hitchcock, particularly “North by Northwest” as well as with Norman Jewison on the first, amazing, version of “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Since both movies have great trailers that really show off Boyle’s work, we’ll show you those.

I’ve got a bonus video after the flip.

1979’s insane satirical all-star political thriller, “Winter Kills,” — a major bomb at the time and a film with a teeny-tiny cult now — is nowhere near as well known as the others, but it’s a special favorite of both mine and, I understand, Boyle’s.

There’s more, including a trailer for an Oscar-nominated documentary about Boyle, “The Man in Lincoln’s Nose,” at MUBI.