Even though the weekend is long over, I thought I’d do one last post of great moments with fictitious movie bands inspired to some degree by “Get Him to the Greek” which reminds us that rock and roll and pop music is, as often as not, mostly about just having a good time, and that’s more than enough reason to keep going.

First, a brief reminder that “That Thing You Do” had music in it aside from the title tune.

Young Andrew Strong and company pay tribute to the Wicked Pickett in “The Commitments.” (Oh, and if you’re at work or around the kiddies, be aware, there’s a stray Irish-style F-word or two near the beginning and at the very end of this clip that could catch you by surprise.)

Special bonus video after the flip.

Of course, the rock and roll life style isn’t all fun and frolic. Sometimes it’s downright humiliating. Still, this too can be great fun for an audience. Also, we can’t really do this series without a nod to perhaps the ultimate fictional movie rock band. So now we take you back to the days of ancient Britain…