It’s never been a secret that the Zucker-Abraham-Zucker parody classic, “Airplane!,” was largely inspired by a not-that-frequently seen 1957 disaster flick called “Zero Hour!.”  Audiences were, however, familiar with countless other similar films that combined possibly immanent death with various types of melodrama. The definitely included the then-recent series of hugely successful airborne movie suspense-soaps that started with 1970’s “Airport.” It may have helped that “Zero Hour!” had been co-written by Arthur Hailey and “Airport” was based on a best-seller by Hailey.

Still, having never seen “Zero Hour!,” I had no idea just how close the two movies could be until I saw the following. Shirley Surely, you’ll see the resemblance.

Great work, someone. A huge h/t to /Film.