On NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last night, yet another alliance was about to be broken up. More on that in a minute…but first, it was makeover week, and that prompted each of the six remaining contestants to hoot and holler like crazy, especially big Michael. They each had $1000 to spend on clothes and had a limo pick them up, with some dude from a show on Bravo called “Shear Genius” making them over. And he did a great job, actually.

Sunshine looked like a chunky version of Beyonce….Koli looked like a Hawaiian Buddy Holly…Ashley lost a ton of midriff…Sam looked like a boxer…Daris looked completely different, and Mike just looked really good. Really, they all did. Then they were treated with a private performance by Ashanti…and we all were like, “Who?” I mean, she’s won at least one Grammy but what has she done lately? I’m just saying.

Then it was time for the Jacob’s Ladder challenge, in which they had to climb up said ladder over a 10 foot drop into a pool. Whoever stayed up the longest would win a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in, and whoever was the first in the water would have a 1 pound penalty. Ashley dropped in after 3 minutes, but Koli and Daris were at it for 2.5 HOURS. Holy crap. But eventually Daris gave way, and I think it’s because he had to pee….I mean, he asked if peeing from up there was considered peeing in the pool, so that’s what I think anyway. Of course, Bob Harper was pissed at Daris for giving up when he could have held on longer. Whatever, Bob!

After the last chance workout that we forwarded through, it was time for the weigh in. Koli went first and lost a whopping 15 pounds! With the extra pound that gave him 16. Then again, remember last week he had immunity and we thought he threw the weigh in by losing just 1 pound? Hmmm. Michael was next and lost 9, and so did Daris. Sunshine also lost 9 and then Sam just 2 pounds. That put Sam below the line and well below everyone else percentage-wise. Ashley lost 10 pounds, or 9 with the one pound penalty.

So it was down to Sam and Michael. Sam has already reached his goal weight, the first ever to do that on the ranch. But Michael started out at 526 pounds, and he’s lost almost 200 but still has a ways to go and could be considered a bigger threat. But Mrs. Mike pointed out the alliances…Koli and Sunshine would vote for Michael and Ashley and Daris would vote for Sam, making it a tie and thus sending Sam home because he lost the lowest percentage of weight. And that’s exactly what happened! You go, Mrs. Mike!

Sam, meanwhile, has reached his goal and is down from 395 pounds to 236…he’s lean and fit and knows we all know he is dating Stephanie…and they are now living together in Los Angeles. Good for them! Another Biggest Loser couple that will soon be making babies.

So we’re down to five and there are no more multiple team members left….it’s Daris, Michael, Sunshine, Koli and Ashley. Any of them could win, but I’m still saying it will be Michael or Daris. Let me know what you think in the space below, and see you all next week!